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hietzing 2, Vienna, Austria
Fashion Designer



Unique high Quality handcrafted Woman/ Men Clothing and Accessoires

Questions to : We are a little family fashiondesign label from Austria creating very unique high quality handcrafted accessories and Men/Woman Clothing.
In our  Webshop you can find all of our life creations.

We also are selling the Collections on European Festivals in Summertime.

Please always feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We thank you for your visit and support and we thank all of our fantastic friends for their big help over all these years :)
Love <3  
The Fraggletribe Team



Are you a softy ? Made of the most cosy wool on this planet ... also suitable for man ... as we will proof very soon ... stay tuned ;) #supersoft #angelwings #softy #handmadeclothes #hippiestyle #shophandmade #fae

Getting a Gipsystyle Miniskirt done ... Wild Thing you make my heart sing ;)

Trying out different styles ... what name would fit to this top? Ideas very welcome !

How does it look if Red Little Ridinghood wants to seduce the Wolf?

If you want to have the extraordinary you have to create it! The "Pantail Top" is made out of small pieces of fabric where every single piece is chosen by hand and fit together !

New jacket in progress :) Trying to find the right handmade buttons ... the little fox and his paw will be defenitely on it :D

If you cannot find the perfect fabric, just create your own ! How do you like the structure?

Fraggletribe Streetwear meets our unique Masterpieces | Check them out online !

Ninjastyle at its best

Totem Vest | Men | Clothing

Piratebear is everywhere

Spiderman is coming for dinner tonight #spidergirl #alternativefashion #festivalfashion #festivalstyle #psytribe


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