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Rosentaler Straße 15, Velden am Wörthersee, Austria



The International School Carinthia (ISC) offers an internationally recognized education and pioneering opportunities for internationally interested and open-minded families who want a high quality education for their children. ISC at a glance
- English as a working language, if necessary language support is enabled.
- Teachers are "native speakers".
- Nationally and internationally recognized curriculum withjust such statements.
- Full-day school, meals included.
- A talent and project-oriented teaching that promotes the natural curiosity of children and encourages them to take responsibility for their learning.
- In addition to the academic, the social and emotional development of children is encouraged.
- Openness, tolerance, solidarity and sustainability are fundamental attitudes of school.
- All children and families are welcome, regardless of their social, political and religious beliefs or affiliation.



Last Friday, the MYP 3 went on a trip to “Switch Das Dancical” in Klagenfurt. In short, it was about a boy, addicted to social media and games, who went inside a video game and couldn’t escape. The MYP 3 really enjoyed watching it and were amazed by the “light outfits” the actors put on. It was really cool, because the outfits made them look like they were teleporting from place to place while dancing. Sadly, we have no photos to show regarding the trip because they were not allowed. But if you want to see more information about "Switch das Dancical" we linked the site below! Media Group

Hello there! Several weeks ago, we reached the end of unit 3 and had another assembly to talk about all of the things we learned in the last month. Luisa and Magdalena from MYP 1 presented a song named “Frenemies” written by themselves which you can enjoy in the video below. MYP 2 talked about their work in all of their classes, their theme in this unit was “Curiosity”. In their German class, they needed to present an interesting book to make the class curious. In I&S, they chose a discovery, needed to find information about it, and create a 3D Model. Lisa from MYP 3 also talked about doing cheerleading in our after school program, and many students already signed up. We can’t wait for what's next at ISC! The media group

17 Kärnten Sing und Sporttage 02-06 September 2018

At today's Coffee Morning, Dr. Karin Martin gave a great preview of her workshop tonight at the CIC Office in Villach. Please join her to learn how you can support your students' language development at ISC!

Hello! The MYP 3s have been trying out ISC’s new science lab with Mr. Ames. They were going through some labs and finished them in time. Looking at the images, It looks like they had a lot of fun doing them. The students accepted the rules, and learned being very safe when doing an experiment. One of the most important safety rules is, to always wear glasses when you are doing an experiment, because otherwise something could go into your eye and cause problems. Not to eat or drink anything in the lab, is also a very important rule. The MYP 3 students had a lot of fun in the new science lab and they can’t wait for more experiments they are going to do in this school year! - The media group

Finally!!! The MYP Sports days have happened and the Media group has all the news. The MYP Sports Days took place from the 5 - 7 of February or from Monday to Wednesday at the Jugendsporthotel Leitner at Nassfeld. We were able to choose between 2 activity options, which were skiing or snow biking/hiking/cross country skiing. There were many groups and you were put into the group depending how advanced you are at skiing. The most advanced group was skiing practicing their techniques and the least advanced group was learning the basics. The MYP had lots of fun skiing, playing games and having time with their friends. We already can't wait for next year's Winter Sports Days! -- The Media Group

Hello there! We are late on this report, but MYP had another assembly way back, to finish their second unit. The MYP 1s presented a Christmas role play, and advertised the Spittaler Christmas Market which was also their English assessment. The MYP 2s presented a German poem called “Der Zauberlehrling”, which they practiced in their German class. The MYP 3s also presented a role play, about a book they were reading called “Die Welle”, which they read in German class. However, what we really wanted to show you was the interesting poem performance done by MYP 2. We hope you enjoy it!

On February 3rd and the 4th, some of our ISC students traveled to Ljubljana and participated in an event called the World Scholar’s Cup (regional round). About ten teams of three were formed by mixing students from PYP 5, MYP 1, MYP 2 and MYP 3. Nine teams out of the ten passed to the next round (global round) and we are awaiting news of what the next step in the competition will look like. It was really exciting to compete against other schools in the region and represent ISC. Without the help of Mr. Brightman’s afternoon program every week, we couldn’t have made it this far and we are really excited to see what comes next! Below you can see pictures from this event.

As part of the "art" unit, PYP 3 A and B invited Matakustix to ISC and got to learn how to beatbox. The students and teachers absolutely loved the afternoon filled with music and fun. At the end of the school day everyone received a much longed-for autograph. What a school day to remember!

Hello! Our school has been mentioned in two different magazines, named "Digital Talks” and “Society”. “Digital Talks” discussed the International day, where everyone could bring international food, and try new things! The “Society” one talked about the Sonja Hammerschmid visit and about our rafting trip this past fall. As you can see on the pictures, ISC is having a lot of fun and they enjoy the activities which ISC provides! To summarize, both of them talk about how our school works and how ISC is currently doing. ISC is very thankful for being mentioned in the articles! Don’t forget to look at the pictures down below, to see the pictures and read the articles! Enjoy reading! The media group

Hello there! Back before winter break, MYP 1 went to Antenne Kärnten for a field trip. They went to the radio station by bus. a woman welcomed them and made pictures for their snapchat and instagram website with the students. They learned which jobs they have at the radio station, how they are called, and what people are responsible for each job. They also learned fun facts about Antenne Kärnten and how they came up with the slogan. Then, they went into a room where someone explained how the radio worked, and the students actually had the chance to go live on radio. Then, they went into a different room, where someone explained how they cut and edited all of the programs. MYP 1 loved attending the field trip and they can’t wait for more awesome field trips happening in this year 2018!

Last Wednesday-Friday, PYP 3, 4 and 5 had their annual Ski Days. There were two options you were allowed to choose from: skiing or cross country skiing + ice skating. The ski group went to Gerlitzen to spend their days skiing. In the second option, (cross country skiing + ice skating) they cross country skied in the morning and ice skated in the afternoon, except on Friday. On Friday they went cross country skiing, because school ends earlier on that day. They ate in school, but the skiing group ate in a restaurant on the Gerlitzen, where they skied too. We hope everyone had fun! It sure looks like it in the pictures down below!