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ÖLW Gasse 1, Traiskirchen, Austria
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Firefog technology - safe your life
Fire smoke protection products Risk areas:
Public utilities with a high person frequency, industrial andcommercial production centres, closed fire rooms with an increased danger of fire, danger substance storage, arsons and terrorist attacks.
- Hospitals, schools, universities, seminar centres
- Fairs, exhibition and congress centres, stadiums
- Skyscrapers, office towers, appartment houses, housing estates
- Entertainment and event centres, shopping centres, theatres, cinemas
- Airports, factories, industrial estates, power plants, transformer stations
- Refineries, synthetic material and chemical manufacturing plants
- Tunnel plants of rails and motor vehicles as well as underground railways
- Escape route staircase, emergency exits, evacuation facilities
- Truck shuttles, ferries, underground car parks, parking decks, closed fire rooms

An Austrian company is revolutionising fire safety with an innovative new way of testing buildings and tunnels. Their smoke machines turn a non-toxic biodegradable liquid into smoke that can be used to practice fire drills and evacuations in a variety of settings. They also enable testing and evaluation of the existing evacuation plans and exit routes. This is particularly important due to the fact that 80 % of fire victims do not die from the flames but from the toxic smoke they inhaled. Tunnel fires in particular pose a huge risk as they can release up to a million cubic metres of flue gas in a short period of time. Fires can quickly spread to other vehicles as is testified by these numbers.