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Stockach 100, Söll, Austria



TiSUN has been developing, producing and distributing high-quality solar collectors and stratified tanks, which withstand extreme climatic conditions, for the last two decades. + TiSUN is a specialist in solar heating systems
    Development, production and distribution of solar systems for more than 20 years
+ TiSUN team
    125 employees at the headquarters, 90 field staff and sales representatives, 30 global distribution partners
+ Product portfolio
    Hot water & heating sets, module collectors, large-area collectors (up to 18 m2 for a single unit), solar stratified tanks, solar tanks, solar components and accessories
+ TiSUN countries of distribution
    EU27, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North and South Africa, North and South America
+ TiSUN objectives
    To meet approx. one fifth of the energy demand using solar energy by 2020.