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Hidden Austria

Kudlichstraße 59, Linz, Austria



Go off the beaten path! Explore Austria's hidden spots and the great outdoors.
Our guides are your ticket to a unique and individual travel experience. While hiking or snowshoeing through unique landscape you will get an insight into the local culture.
Talking with locals, exploring spots yet unspoiled by tourism we want you to see Austria's true soul.


Snowshoeing. #hiddenaustria

Enjoying the first days of winter hiking!

Nice memories of our sunset hike on Friday.

Rain and the mountain is all yours. #hiddenaustria

Our little weekend adventures.

Was für ein Ausblick! Wer errät den Gipfel auf dem wir hier stehen? #hiddenaustria

Peak hiking season. #autumndelights #hiddenaustria #hiking

Mir scheint es herbstelt. 😂 Mysterious mountains. Go hiking when it rains!

Summer is always far to short! #attersee

What a wonderful summerday hiking Upper Austrias highest peak.

our homemade juice in cooperation with is finished! Yey! Taste it when booking the next tour by hidden austria. We are lookin forward to see you! ;)


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