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Museumstrasse, 5, Innsbruck, Austria



Inspiring people by offering  specialty and extraordinary handcrafted beers, that enrich the life and culture of the people we serve. #tribaun Children and Dogs welcome!
Reservations accepted via or via phone after 5pm 0512 238559

Food available Daily!
Homemade Pizza: Tue Til Sat (Til 10pm)
Cheese Nachos: Daily (All Night)
Flammkuchen: Daily (All Night)

Pub Quiz: Every Wed (All Year - Reservation Advised)


Once upon a time there was a very arrogant sour fucker, that decided to convince the world that sour beers rules. He was brave & very smart too. We as tribaun always supported his idea, and now we are very proud to convince our locals at Tribaun, that sour beers rules the world. We know that people in our area, actually don´t give a damn fuck about sour beer, but we have a plan!!! We will get the best sour beers available, get the brewers at our place & play fucking punk music by Giant Anteater all night long. The dripping of arrogance will be represented by the master himself, Alessandro Belli, Antonio Maiorano il Vecchio Maestro fa " bella figura " & Sara Melanzana, the italian power woman, takes care that shit doesn´t get out of hand. In this people´s honour, we dedicate the following playlist. besides cantillon we are very pleased that the brewers themselves will present their beers, so we as a tribaun, can get fucked up quicker ( joking now :)) 1) Ca' del Brado- still to decide 2) Ca' del Brado- still to decide 3) Ca' del Brado- still to decide 4) Ca' del Brado- still to decide 5) Brasserie Cantillon- Kriek 6) Brasserie Cantillon- lambic 7) Asso di Coppe- Kriek 8) Asso di Coppe - Foresta Nera 9) Wild Pilot- still to blend 10) Wild Pilot- still to blend 11) Klanbarrique- Wildekind 12) Klanbarrique- Bang Bretta 13) Alefried- Oud Bruin 14) Alefried- Golden Sour 15) Alefried -WTBC wild Quitte 16)Arrogant sour selection- ? 17)Arrogant sour selection- ? 18)Arrogant sour selection- ? We will have a Sour Face Painting by Liz Aw and a picture station to eternalize your sour experience. Food as usuall. The pour goes in 20 cl. Will have 2 normal beers on tap: the padawan & a the brand new pils by Bierol. The not emptied kegs will be poured in Vienna, the 23&24.03 wenn we open in the heart of vienna a fucking awesomne new bar. I will spam you later on that. Sharing is caring, so please spread that arrogance where ever you can, we need your support!

Taps are up & running #freshbeer #cleantaps #innsbrooklyn #austrianbeerculture #craftbeeraustria #craftbeertirol #levitatingstandards

This Tuesday at Tribaun!

Happy fasching from Tribaun!

Live music at Tribaun tonight! #livemusic #craftbeerlife #craftbeerpeople #craftbeer #innsbruck #tirol#austria

This FaschingDienstag at Tribaun!

The good news is that we have an excellent new American IPA from Ocelot Brewing Company on tap nr. 4, the bad news is that we ran out of #padawan from Bierol

Die beiden Südtiroler Studenten, Stefan Pfattner, Singer/Songwriter, und , aka Ricky Roots, haben ihr gemeinsames Projekt, eine Mischung aus Reggae und HipHop, gerade erst in die Welt gerufen. Beide Künstler haben schon vorher auf eigene Faust Musik gemacht und wollen ihre beiden Stile nun zu einem neuen Stil, der sich wohl am besten als Acoustic-Reggae-HipHop beschreiben lässt, zusammenführen und damit durchstarten. Stefan und Ricky freuen sich schon auf einen tollen Abend und jede Menge positive Vibes. Photo Credit: Patrizia Mahlknecht

Fast and dancey or slow and bluesy, original Odd-folk from England. Adams first gig in Tribaun, although you may have seen him at the Open Mic in Die Bäckerei. Come along and enjoy good music and good beer!

Es keat einfach mehr #unabhängigkeit