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, Bregenz, Austria
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Split Hike Ride - First in Splitboard Solutions! . some adventures, mainly human powered . exploring nature all season .


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Feines Filmchen mit etwas anderer storyline als üblich ! #mountainbike action with a spin . VAUDE unterstützt gute Cinematographie ohne Kaufzwang ;-) Even though we might think it's another Mountainbike related video promoting a brand, there're some thought provoking and inspiring statements from the shepherd

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They believe: " If you want to change. don't say: hey, you go ahead and change. We believe that the change should come from within us. If we want the change we should be the change! " 🙏🙏🙏 very cool effort !

Springtime #slush and short sleeve sweating ... during our #pow hunting

Hike and Ride's cover photo

Hike and Ride's cover photo