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Unique travel experiences. Gentle on the environment. Helpful to the local community. Great for your soul.

Soulful Concepts is an industry accredited travel company, that specialises in philanthropic travel design. We provide hand-crafted travel experiences for Australian and International charities, corporates and individuals. We ensure each of our experiences has a positive impact on an important cause.

We offer socially conscious travellers a multitude of responsible travel experiences that give back to the communities, and environment in the destinations we visit. Our focus is on culture, community development, conservation, personal well-being and fair trade. We provide a special collection of unique, sustainable, luxurious, and comfortable travel options. Whether you are travelling solo, with a partner, your best friends, a bunch of like-minded people on our group tours or for your favourite charity, we can create an experience to suit you!

In addition to our travel experiences we also offer an online platform where environmentally conscious consumers can explore and contribute to our Community Hub and help to grow the movement of sustainable living through responsible and eco-friendly consumption. Our Soulful Community Hub features important information on global issues, conservation and community development initiatives, sustainable living ideas, and must see travel destinations.


Sustainable Coffee Tours with Soulful Concepts

The United Nations 70th General Assembly has designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. This is a unique opportunity to raise awareness to the contribution of sustainable tourism for development amongst the public and private sector decision-makers and the public, whilst mobilising all stakeholders to work together to make tourism the catalyst for positive change. Soulful Concepts is proud to be apart of the United Nations Provisional Programme finding solutions to support smallholder coffee farmers through our Sustainable Coffee Tours. Find out more: #Tourism4Development #UNWTO #SustainableTourism #ResponsibleTourism #SustainableCoffeeTours #SoulfulConcepts

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Did you know that we consume 2.25 billion cups of coffee every single day? Evidence is clear that climate change is affecting the worlds coffee crops. If we want to continue enjoying our daily cup of java, we need to support smallholder coffee farmers in making coffee the worlds first sustainable agricultural product. Easy, yeah? Well it's easier than you think @soulful_concepts are running sustainable coffee tours to Guatemala and other exotic coffee growing destinations. This is your chance to be an active global citizen and help save your beloved cup of coffee. Visit to find out more. #guatemala #sustainablecoffeetours #sustainablecoffee #sustainablecoffeechallenge #responsibletravel #coffee #supportfarmers #sustainability #soulfulconcepts #travelforgood

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Turn Data into Action

Soulful Concepts is excited to announce we are partnered with SupplyShift to measure and evaluate the data we collect from our Sustainable Coffee Tours helping to improve the sustainability practices at each coffee farm we visit. Check out Supply Shift's newsletter and find out how we are turning data into action!

Sustainable Fashion 101: The Beginners Guide To Dressing Ethically | 1 Million Women

It's time to embrace sustainable fashion. Helping the environment, people and animals doesn't mean you can't have style. A great blog by 1 Million Women find out how you can dress ethically!

How to make a sustainable soulprint when travelling | Traveltalk

Thanks Traveltalk for highlighting the importance of travelling with a sustainable soulprint. Learn more about our Sustainable Harvest Tours and how you can help support the farmers who produce your favourite products. Visit: #SustainableCoffeeTours #Sustainability #ResponsibleTravel #SustainableCoffeeChallenge #Conservation #SoulfulConcepts

Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Climate change is destroying the Great Barrier Reef the global community needs to act now if we are going to save this UNESCO world heritage site. Please sign and share Greenpeace Australia Pacific video and help ban new coal mines to protect the Reef: #climatechange #GreatBarrierReef #conservation #nonewcoal #SavetheReef #SoulfulConcepts

Greenpeace Australia Pacific

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ONLY 4 SATURDAY'S TILL CHRISTMAS! We're loving Table Talk's 10 ways to be sustainable this Christmas! @thesustainabletable #sustainableliving #responsibletravel #conscioustraveller #globalcitizen #Christmas2016

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ABC News

What would the world be like without coffee? A new report has found that coffee production could be cut by up to 50 per cent by 2050 because of the effects of climate change. What does this mean for coffee lovers? Price and quality are likely to pay the price of inaction on climate change. We at Soulful Concepts love our morning cups of coffee, which is why we have joined the Sustainable Coffee Challenge to help make coffee the world's first sustainable agricultural product. Find out how you can help support coffee stakeholder farmers by joining a Sustainable Coffee Tour: ACTION NEEDS TO BE TAKEN NOW if we are going to save this globally loved commodity. #sustainablecoffeechallenge #coffee #climatechange #actnow #makecoffeesustainable #guatemala #sulawesi #soulfulconcepts #sustainablecoffeetours

The Kids Cancer Project Kilimanjaro Challenge

FOR THE SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS TRAVELLER Want to do something that really takes you out of your comfort zone? Imagine climbing to the roof of Africa and helping to find a cure for childhood cancer. By joining The Kids' Cancer Project Kilimanjaro Challenge you can do just that; push yourself and test your limits as you conquer the world's highest freestanding mountain whilst becoming a hero in the crucial fight against childhood cancer! Visit to find out more! #ResponsibleTravel #Holidays #SustainableTourism #CureCancer #CharityChallenge #Kilimanjaro #Tanzania #SoulfulConcepts

The Kids Cancer Project Kilimanjaro Challenge

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Tell us your favourite travel destination of 2016! #2016WasTheYearThatFinally #Travel #Holidays #ResponsibleTravel

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