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Pirie Waste Services

57 York Rd, Port Pirie, Australia
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Specialising in short term, high volume rubbish removal, Pirie Waste Services is your premier supplier for skip bin services in the Port Pirie area.


**Edit** Phone issues have been resolved and we will be returning your phone calls shortly Again, Thank you for your patience. Dear Valued Customers Our phones are currently experiencing some technical difficulties today after they went for a short swim in a pond this morning. We are working on resolving this ASAP, please be patient while we get the phones sorted. We appreciate and thank you for your understanding.

Pirie Waste Services

**** Christmas Period Sales and Service Information **** We wish to advise that Pirie Waste Services will not be operating the week between Christmas and the New Year. This presents an opportunity for our clients to have a bin of any size (subject to availability) over the ENTIRE Christmas/New Years period beyond our standard 7 days at NO extra charge! This opportunity exists until 1.00pm Friday 23rd December or until we run out of bins to deliver! Bins start from $145, and all skip bins delivered after the 19th December will remain onsite until the week of the 3rd of January unless pickup before Christmas is specifically requested at time of order. Phone 0439 482 205 to enquire and place an order, but be quick!


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