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5/115 Howe Street, Perth, Australia
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Autospark Osborne Park were called out to a 40 metre trailer with it's steering locked and blocking half of Hector Street. Our most senior technican Michael quickly and efficiently resolved the wiring faults in the steering electrical system and soon had the over length load mobile again.

N80 Hilux in for a Stedi lightbar install behind the bumper.

A Range Rover Sport in for the removal of a dual battery system that was causing the cranking battery voltage to drop and bringing on the low voltage warning light on the dash. Once the old system was removed we fitted our Autospark Osborne Park Redarc premium twin dual battery system utilising the customer's original Optima Orbital battery and adding one of our Exide Orbital batteries . We also fitted up a 50A Anderson plug and 12 pin trailer plug to suit the customer's caravan.

Customer came in with a complaint that a number of his 12 volt accessories kept faulting intermittently. We were quick to find and rectify the fault.

A 2015 Landrover Discovery 4 in for our custom Redarc dual battery system with the Redarc BCDC1225D with upgraded sockets to the rear. We also fitted the GME TX3350 value pack with our custom bonnet antenna bracket, the vehicle also received our stainless steel spot light bracket mounted with the customers light bar.

A Land Rover Discovery 4 fitted out with our stainless steel spot light and UHF aerial bracket this afternoon.

A brand new 79 series Toyota Landcruiser in for a mine spec fit out all to suit customers specifications.

A Landrover Discovery 4 in for our Redarc dual battery system fit out with the Redarc BCDC1225D with easy access solar input and Exide Orbital deep cycle battery. We also upgraded the existing rear socket and added an additional Engel socket tucked away in the rear. This Discovery 4 also received our complete Redarc Tow package with the Redarc Tow Pro Elite and LED tow module with 12 pin trailer plug and 50A Anderson plug.

Matt's 2006 Land Rover Discovery 3 fitted out with our 5mm stainless steel light bracket and teamed up with a Stedi ST4K 22 inch LED Light Bar.

Land Rover Discovery 3, 4 and 5 all having Autospark Osborne Park fitting out their accessories today.

Our Redarc DCDC and 65AH AGM Full River deep cycle battery option is now available for your Land Rover Discovery 3/4 RRS. No more having to draw from your cranking battery to gain those extra amp hours as this tray allows almost 25% more deep cycle capacity than all other trays available on the market today. You can now have the best of both worlds and protect your cranking battery plus, enjoy the extra cycling time of your 12 volt accessories giving you peace of mind that everything is completely isolated when used in conjunction with the current range of Redarc solar ready DCDC chargers. Osborne Park Autospark have now developed an upgraded dual battery tray for your Land Rover Discovery 3/4 RRS and the first one was fitted up today for a very happy customer. For all of your Land Rover, Range Rover requirements give us a call at Autospark Osborne Park.

Great White 21 LED Light Bar's custom mounted to the roof rack of the emergency vehicles and 4 LED work lights also added ready for the weekend.


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