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Park Hill Garlic

, Moss Vale, Australia
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Local garlic producer from the Southern Highlands Park Hill  has been farmed by our family since the original land grant to Charles Throsby in 1819.  Over the years, the family has farmed cattle, pigs, dairy, poultry, quinces and apples. In 2002, we decided the beautiful clean basalt  soil and cool climate, would be perfect for this health giving crop - garlic.

We grow our garlic without sprays, pesticides or chemicals. We use untreated rain water and plant, cultivate and harvest by hand.  

Monaro Purple - rich sweet flavour and large cloves make it ideal for roasting or using whole.  It will keep very well - at least for a couple of months.  

Australian White - a later maturing variety available in January/February with a slightly milder but still strong garlic flavour.  It  keeps even longer - for up to six months if you do not eat it before then!  

Store the garlic in a coolish dry environment—not the refrigerator, and not in plastic.   The bags included are perfect for storing in your kitchen or pantry.

Thank you for supporting Australian local farm produce.


Photos from Park Hill Garlic's post

OK! the 2016 garlic season is underway and Park HIll garlic will be at Kiama Farmers' market tomorrow, our very first market for the season. A limited supply since Park Hill is a small specialty farm - only garlic and more garlic now, and a few gorgeous fresh veggies a bit later in the Summer. All grown without a drop of chemical - just hard work and loving hands! And help from the good healthy chooks and ducks.

Photos from Park Hill Garlic's post

Timeline Photos

Here are Lach and Georgie sitting on the hayshed step, cleaning garlic ready for market

Timeline Photos

Welcome to the 2016 Park Hill Garlic harvest!! Hoping to be at Kiama the next two Wednesdays - watch this space for confirmation!!


Moss Vale Community Garden

And as Tony says, Park Hill Garlic will be there in force!! So excited for Moss Vale to be starting our own farmers' market, a lovely echo of the long farming history of our town. My family, the Throsbys, tried growing wheat here in the 19thC, then sheep, pigs, and for a long time had a dairy. They'd never heard of garlic though, and the climate and soil here is perfect for it. Please encourage everyone to come to our first market on the 28th!