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Comfortable and Quality Shirts for the fan that likes its a bit more subtle! Welcome to Pocket Master!
I've recently learned how to sew a pocket on a shirt and came up with this nifty business to make and sell Pokemon Pocket Tees.Being a big fan of Pokemon and other pop culture interests and being in my mid 20s can be dawnting! So I created these shirts to offer to people who show pride in their interests, but in a more subtle and fashionable way! I hope you like them. More Pocket designs to come!


Hey guys! I've finally worked out a system to sell these shirts! I'm so sorry about the delay, I've cleared my bills from Christmas and I'm ready to get started sewing these pockets! What I'm going to do is ask you to PM me your shirt size and colour choice (black or white available) and an available Pokemon design you would like (Gengar being the current design) to get your order started. I will be taking orders at the start of the week and ordering the shirts I need at the end of the week (to avoid ending up with an excess of stock) so I can aim to get orders posting out by the end of the following week! I will iron out logistics as the first lot of orders start going out. Looking forward to decking you out!


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