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16 Forest Rd Sth, Lara, Australia
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We are a chiropractic practice providing spinal care for health and well-being of babies, children and adults.


We're off to a frosty start today in Lara. Lucky the practice is nice and toastie warm! #lara #larachiropractor #winter #frost

With all this sunshine it's the perfect time for a teddy bear picnic! Rug up, share some healthy snacks and let the kids burn off some of that school holiday energy. Plus, they'll be boosting their immune systems with the Vitamin D we've been talking about - win! #schoolholidays #lara #picnic #kids #chiropractic

We feel like a little bit of lemongrass today to heighten our Monday positivity...and because it smells amazing! #doterra #vitalhealthchiro #larachiropractors #essentialoils #lemongrass

When we want to strengthen our immune system often the first supplements to consider are Vitamin C or a Probiotic. Many people don't realise that Vitamin D has an enormous role to play in our immunity. Its becoming increasingly common to have Vit D deficiency - even babies are now born with suboptimal levels. It is absolutely worth having your levels checked by your GP so you can more accurately assess what your body requires. For people with deficiency it can be up to 5000IU per day for adults and 2000IU in children - so one tablet a day is not enough to get you back on track. We recommend the Bioceuticals Vit D3 + K2 spray as it is important to ensure you have the Vit K to properly absorb the Vit D and also to ensure that the Calcium ends up absorbed into your bones properly. They work synergistically to give you better absorption and enhance your benefit. Plus - as it's a spray, it's easier to take! 1 spray = 1000IU :) If you need more information chat to our team about whether this is right for you & your family

Ready for some basic baking with the kids?! This recipe for Choc Chip Cookies by Thehealthychef is easy, delicious and not packed full of sugar either!

What a great idea for some school holiday lunches! Stay tuned for some more fun ideas to keep your kiddies busy these school holidays... #lara #larachiropractor #kids #schoolholidays Image: The Imagination Tree.

Loving our new Vital Kids photo wall!!! #vitalkids #larachiropractors #vitalhealthchiro #kidshavespinestoo

It's currently a cold and chilly 1 degree in #lara right now! For many people this weather tenses their back and neck muscles and causes some extra joint stiffness or pain. It's important in these days to keep some movement in our body to support our blood flow and joint function. If you can't bear to rug up for the outdoors then consider a little indoor workout - you can do squats, push-ups, lunges, star jumps or even jogging on the spot!! Movement is key for joint and muscle maintenance!!! Then afterwards reward yourself with a cup of warming lemon tea with some fresh ginger & honey!!! We might even pop up a yummy biscuit recipe up to go with is Saturday after all!!

Oh bless. What a cutie little Ava is for bringing me some treats at work because "who doesn't like lollies" lol #kidsandchiropractic #larachiropractors #vitalhealthchiro

Did you guys know that on average, us adults spend more time sitting than sleeping? Whattt??? A tad worrying when we know that increased time sitting has huge affects on your health.. not to mention back pain! A 2016 study showed that just two minutes of movement for every 20 mins we sit can help to improve our back pain and even help steady our blood sugar levels. Better get moving!

Our gorgeous native blooms from @theposieplace 😍😍 #lara #larachiropractor #laraflorist

Time for a new blackboard... what do you want to know more about next!? #funfacts #blackboard #lara #chiropractic