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Bikram Yoga Northside

Level 1, 42-46 Longueville Road, Lane Cove, Australia
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Bikram Yoga Northside is Sydney’s premier venue for exceptional Bikram yoga classes. Maintain your health, challenge yourself physically, reduce your stress levels and find some peace of mind at Bikram Yoga Northside. Servicing Lane Cove and Sydney’s North Shore, we are a yoga studio dedicated to offering the best Bikram yoga classes in Sydney.

Participating regularly in a Bikram yoga class will improve your well-being by reducing stress, reducing symptoms of chronic illnesses and injuries, promoting your peace of mind and working all systems of your body.



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Lady Gaga Weight Loss Diet, Exercise Tips: Low Glycemic, Yoga Workouts

A new look for Lady Gaga: powered by Bikram Yoga!


Thanks for your kind thoughts, David. It's been wonderful having you and Sue in our classes over the years. You've both made great contributions to the aliveness of the culture of the studio. I'm thrilled to hear that you've found a place to continue with your yoga practice. You're bound to see some familiar faces at both the front and back of the room.

What can Hatha yoga do for you?

Yoga is about fitness, and also about much more than that. This item clarifies what sets hatha yoga, (which includes Bikram Yoga), apart from the more recently evolved imitations, commonly called "yoga fitness".

Forewarned is forearmed. Can you actually believe this?

Franze Fitness

Great to have you in the class tonight, guys. Practiced like a couple of bosses!

Franze Fitness

Indian prime minister joins thousands for International Yoga Day event – video

Indian PM Narendra Modi leads the way for International Yoga Day.

Isha Foundation

International Yoga Day: 21 June. View this twice ... once with sound, once in silence.

Syleena Johnson Drops 50+ Pounds, Shows Off Hard Work

R&B Divas star Syleena Johnson, celebrates and documents releasing excess 25kgs through Bikram Yoga and a healthy eating plan.

Science Says Bikram Yoga Helps Your Deadlift

How about this, body builders... ?

Benefits of Yoga to Your Brain and Mental Health

A long read, but when it comes to listing the benefits of yoga, it's going to be a long list. Worth reading: there's gold in there!

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Our contribution to Vivid in The Cove. Classes today: 8am & 4pm.

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