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HHAWP Homoeopathic Health and Wellbeing Practice

40 Pitt Town Road, Kenthurst, Australia
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My aim as a Homoeopath is to understand you and all your ailments, then select the most suitable Homoeopathic Medicine for your condition.  WHAT WE DO

By finding and treating the central disturbance, change is possible, physically, mentally and emotionally.

My current passion and joy is assisting in the treatment of Autistic children and seeing these children change and thrive on every level.

I will assist you in a caring and wholistic manner whatever your concern.


Kenthurst: 40 Pitt Town Road.  

- Mondays and Wednesdays.
- Thursdays by appointment.
- Contact
- 0439 499 085

St Ives: Elemental Health
Suite 2, 15 - 17 Stanley Street

- Saturdays 08:30am - 4:30pm
- 02 8084 0081


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The Karora Retreat

Kenthurst, Australia
Spas/beauty/personal care