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Organic custom blended skincare and aromatherapy products. Inspire, pamper and nourish your senses with our divine aromatic range of organic plant based skincare & aromatherapy products.

Experience the pleasure of having a custom blended product made just for you.


If your lips are feeling anything like mine this winter, feeling drier than usual and needing lots more TLC, then pucker up with these organic vegan lip balms. They are extremely nourishing without feeling waxy and come in tinted colours as well as natural with a hint of organic peppermint. Super yum! Great for everyone. My hubby swears by his peppermint lip balm and uses it a few times a day and the kids use it when they feel they need it and when they see me put mine on 😜 Did I mention they are really well priced at $7.95 💋 Open Wed-Fri 9:30-5pm Sat 10-4pm 83300924

Rise and shine! It's market day! This is going to be a good one so don't let the weather keep you from coming. Bring a brolley, grab a cuppa and some home made cake, pizza..... Enjoy what local artists in Adelaide have to offer.

so many lovely options!

As an Aromatherapist I am always still researching, investigating and learning to further my knowledge. I always love learning new information or remembering information I have forgotten. I'm sure we can all relate to that! I love the challenge of what is presented with certain customers and working to find the blend that will most help them at that time. What I find beautiful about the art of aromatherapy is that it works on so many levels of your wellbeing. The physical, spiritual and emotional. It integrates all of who we are, like the plants themselves. Mother Nature intrinsically holds so much magic that no conventional drug can replace.

It's a cold grey, day outside while inside my warm cocooned store I was blending these soothing, nourishing healing pots of Soothe face moisturisers. So nurturing on a day like today. What makes this cream soo good is the blend and all the organic repairing oils and extracts such as rosehip, infused calendula, hemp seed and marshmallow. If you have been struggling with finding a good moisturiser or something isn't quite right with what you are using, then come in and have a chat to me and I'll ensure you get a blend to make your heart and skin happy ❤️ Your love and satisfaction with your creams is what is most important to me which is why I have a following of regular happy, customers.

Come join us at the markets this Sunday and explore all the artists hand crafted work on display. Why not treat yourself to something nice!

FLASHBACK 2013 These were some old photos we dug up of Mahdena's market days back in 2013. It was a busy year for me immersing myself and reconnecting with the world through Mahdena after being a full time mum! Fast forward 2017 I am looking forward to our first market this Sunday 6th August 11am-3pm at the Sala Fly Bird Fly markets. Check out our next post for details!

Thanks Tori from The Muses for taking some time out from your busy schedule to help me out with some marketing! Tori is not just a beautiful lady but a savvy business woman! Love your work Tori! I hope you enjoy your products! @ Tori Vallen

Feeling congested? Stuffy nose? Coughing? Feeling run down? Place a few drops of Breathe Easy blend onto your bathroom floor with your next shower. See how this will make you feel. I personally find it invigorating and energising. It helps me breathe more openly and clears my mind. Place 3-10 drops of Breathe Easy in a diffuser depending on your room size. In a small room less drops apply. It will help clear and sanitise the air in your room. The clearing, antiseptic, uplifting aromas of peppermint, ravensara and eucalyptus will help open your air passages, while the lavender helps relax and soothe tension that comes with incessant coughing, which all aids in a better nights sleep.

FLASH SALE!!! These popular organic baby lotions normally retail at $17.95 and now they are selling at $5.95! I just finished making these babies on the weekend and accidentally used one oil with a shorter shelf life 🙄 An advantage and big saving to you! Be quick as what is in this box is all I have at this amazing price! They are gentle and soothing on the skin. You can call me to put one or a couple aside. Ph 83300924. Many parents use this lotion on themselves and other kids in the house, not just the babies 😊

Spunky Sebastian and beautiful mum Laz get to experience using our gentle baby skin care range.

What my girls love about our shop are the smells. They totally get uplifted by the scents and aromas. Their whole energy changes with a sniff of an essential oil. Whether it's the latest cream they put on their skin to soothe dry itchy areas like their hands, the oils I blend to rub onto their chest and back for coughs and colds, the Breathe Easy blend to vapourise at night to help open their air passages, or the Angel spray to calm them before bed. It all makes them feel good. Everything we use and smell have a purpose. It's for our emotional and physical well being.