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Wakefield Park

4770 Braidwood Road, Goulburn, Australia
Race Track



One of NSW's premier motor racing circuits located near Goulburn, between Sydney and Canberra. Wakefield Park is open every weekend and most weekdays throughout the year. There are race or private track bookings available most weekends.

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Hi guys are you coming out to the track today!! Great action, great food & coffee! Come out and have a cracker of a day!!

What are you doing this Thursday? You should be coming out to Wakefield park for our Test & Tune/Speed off the Street!! Spots still available! Pre - book & SAVE!!

Hi Guys, If you are planning on coming to this day please make sure you Pre - Book through our website to make sure this day goes ahead.

Tomorrow's Ride Day has now been cancelled due to lack of numbers!

Hi Guys, We need more entries!! if you are planning on coming to this day we need you to Pre - Book!!

We have spots left for this Thursday's Ride Day. Come spend the day out at Wakefield Park!!!! Pre- book and Save!!!

Highlights from the weekend's Super Truck action at Wakefield Park!

SPECIAL OFFER!! SPECIAL OFFER!! Check out the below post for a SPECIAL last minute Trackday we are organising. -- Open pit lane, no pressure, lots of fun! Get your entry in today!

We are very pleased to announce that Wakefield Park will be hosting this event in November, planning is already well under way!

We have added another weekend Drift Practice to our calendar!!!

HUGE HISTORIC BIKE MEETING Coming to Wakefield Park in November - more than 300 historic motorcycles, from 1920-1990, to compete in the Australian Historic Road Racing Championships! This will be one of the biggest events we've ever had, and we can't wait to reveal more details in the coming months. Read more here: