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Alter Ego Bar

1 James Street, Fremantle, Australia



Alter Ego is a small craft cocktail bar inspired by the prohibition era of speakeasy bars where one can relax, unwind and enjoy good quality drinks.


Love a little alcoholic something over brunch or lunch? Get a taste this weekend of the Mantle Harvester's Mimosa and Bloody Mary.👌 Swing by The Mantle or book online -

Pick your thirstiest friend and enter to score an eight aperitif cocktail package as part of our daily Aperitif Happy Hour and Port Homage Sunday sessions at The Mantle. Simply tag them and we'll announce the winners this Friday. 👊

Tri-tip and locally-sourced from the Stirling Ranges. Bring the date, bring the spouse, bring everyone. 🙌


Succulent, juicy $2 oysters every Wednesday at Alter Ego. 😏

Have no Sunday plans? Head down to The Mantle for our Port Homage Sunday sessions and Aperitif Happy Hour with Negroni, Spritz, and Americano cocktails at friend prices. 👊 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Alter Ego and The Mantle Harvester’s one-two-punch breakfast combo with the rum-rich Steel Embrace espresso martini and honey-coated Karri Hill buckwheat pancakes.👌 Book now for a little morning-afternoon delight -

We’ve got a $150 night out for up to four girls with love for each other and an even deeper love for cocktails. Simply tag your girl gang and we’ll announce the winners this Friday.

Abort mission.✋

Jalisco Sunshine – Espolon Tequila, Cynar, desert lime and orgeat. Salute Don Pedro and say hola to your weekend with our Mantle Harvester breakfast and lunch menu Saturday + Sunday. Book now –

Tag someone who's in for some weekend debauchery.

We’ve gone south and struck up a menu marriage with Don Tapa – meaning you can grab your favourite dishes and drinks from both venues at both venues. Come down for some mid-week munchies.👌


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