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Veeva Property Group

67 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne, Australia
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We know the real value of your property, we offer to improve it by polishing it. We put in the muscle where others won't.  Feel the difference! Veeva Property Group is unlike any other estate agency that has come before.

Merging relentless negotiation skills, keen marketing acumen, in-depth local market knowledge and value-improving project management, Veeva Property Group assist you to achieve the best result possible when selling your property investment.

Veeva’s Director Gladys Mallqui approaches representing her vendors with utter transparency, matching educated and willing buyers with valuable property in blue-chip locales to create optimum outcomes for both parties.“We listen, offer genuine help and professional advice to maximise your property value and assist you achieve your investment goals”.

By engaging Veeva Property Group to market and sell your home, you’ll benefit from value-adding project management experience (should such an investment offer additional value to you). “Project managing basic value-enhancing renovations such as painting, fresh flooring or modern lighting can be time-consuming and worrying for clients. Veeva project manage these improvements for you prior to your property sale,” says Director Gladys Mallqui.

Accountability is too-rarely found in the real estate industry. Veeva Property Group turn a traditional property sales model on its head, offering clients high-level engagement, attention on all fronts and responsibility for undertakings made.