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Our mission is to negotiate the best possible deal on your next new car purchase, saving time and money.
We also provide competitive finance options.


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New Year...New Car Now is a great time to buy a new car with all manufacturers doing fantastic deals to clear 2016 plated cars. Prefer a 2017 model, then a small deposit will secure your place in the queue. Message us if you are thinking of upgrading and we'll get you a no obligation drive away price and if you need, low interest finance.

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For the first time our biggest selling car is a Ute!!! Tradies Rule! Top 10 BEST SELLING CARS 2016 Toyota HiLux. Toyota Corolla. Hyundai i30. Ford Ranger. Mazda 3. Toyota Camry. Holden Commodore. Mazda CX-5. Mazda CX-3. Toyota RAV4.

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2016 Drive Car of the Year: Best Luxury Car over $80,000

Best Luxury Car over $80,000 2016 Drive Car of the Year And the winner is......Mercedes-Benz E220d

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- Enquiry received at 10:15am - 1:30pm 3 options given to the customer, 1 new & 2 demonstrators - 4pm an agreement was reached - Car is being delivered to the customer’s premises 10am tomorrow - With only 1,650 klm on the clock & less than 2 months old, this BMW 120i demonstrator was almost $9,000 cheaper than the new car - Another very happy customer - And that’s why we’re called Express Brokers

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2016 Drive Car of the Year: Best Luxury Car under $80,000

Best Luxury Car under $80,000 as German luxury goes head to head with the Audi A4 taking on the Mercedes-Benz C200.

We find it incredible that we are sourcing some brand new cars out of Melbourne & Brisbane, delivered into Sydney with NSW registration, cheaper than we can get them from a Sydney dealer directly. Believe it or not.

Mercedes-Benz Concept X-class revealed

We are hearing pricing will be extremely competitive & will put the cat amongst the pigeons. Already getting enquiries even though its not due in Oz until Q3 next year.

Mazda MX-5 is the 2016 Wheels Car of the Year

Congratulations to a worthy winner. Since it was released in the late 80's, its always been great driver's car offering excellent value for money. Not surprising that we have already had a request to quote on one today.

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In the last 10 days we have had 2 customers upgrade to new vehicles before their current leases we finalised & both are actually paying less per month!! Unbelievably one customer still had 17 months to go on a 5 year lease. This is due to a combination of the great prices we are getting & the low interest rates; typically under 5%. So folks, if you are thinking of upgrading, message us & see of you too can get into the new model & reduce your monthly spend.

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Renault reveals (another) Alpine concept

Is it me or from the front does this look like a Honda Integra?

What cars are coming in 2016

Some great cars coming in 2016, it was a hard decision but we like particularly like Jaguar's first SUV, the F-Pace. What is your pick?

Hits and misses of 2015

A couple of surprises but all in all, a fair assessment.


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