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OnlyPapaya™ is a range of high-quality NATURAL skin care formulations made in Australia & proudly Australian owned.  The Papaya is one of nature's finest self-contained super supplements. It is high in antioxidants and contains recognised therapeutic enzymes which have been used for centuries to treat skin conditions.

OnlyPapaya™ is a range of high-quality skincare formulations made in Australia & proudly Australian owned.


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Naughty or nice? You’ve gotta watch this video for Elf Christmas Tree!

The Health Focus Products Team would like to wish all our followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Backstick Agenda - I'm Already Missing You

Dr Mark Baldock Chairman of the Health Focus Group recently appeared on Tasmania's Got Talent, here is a link to his latest clip. If you like it! please go to and vote!

Congratulations to Lynette Bull and Alexandra Dzwonkowksi You have won our Only Papaya Christmas Shower Pack Promotion!!

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We have noted several Posts about an old competition we ran in 2014. Since we are moving into the festive season we will run the same competition, Like and share our Facebook page and go into the draw to win a Shower Pack! We have two up for Grabs!! Winners Drawn 15 Dec 2016!!

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Isn't it hard picking just one product! Christmas is around the corner! get in early before you go on holidays! 25% off all orders over $80.00

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Two Problems- One Solution! Do you suffer from either Cracked Heels or Keratosis Pilaris (Chicken Skin)? Yes? Then read on... Did you know that OptiDerma Heel balm is the ONLY formulation on the market that has ingredients to treat both issues! While Cracked Heels do not require any explanation, Chicken Skin sometimes gets mistaken for Acne. Chicken Skin takes on a few forms, from small red bumps on the back of the arms, cheeks and sometimes buttocks to irritated red pimple like bumps that when squeezed hard white exudate appears. Chicken Skin occurs through a build up of Keratin, a protein that protects the skin from harmful substances. There is no known cure for this ailment, though, here are some interesting facts about the breakdown of Keratin & how OptiDerma Heel Balm may help you:- ✦ Going back 50 years, the test for assessing the quality of wool from Merino sheep involved making solution for dissolving of Keratin within the wool fiber. The wool's resistance to fiber breakdown thus indicated the higher quality of wool. ✦ When Papain and Urea are used in unison at specific ratio’s, they dissolve Keratin and hard, dry skin. ✦ The addition of Shea Butter and Coconut Butter offers the best humectant solution available on the Australian Market for trapping moisture within the skin, thus stopping further skin hardening and ensuring that keratin build up remains under control. So there you have it, Two Problems- One Solution! Stop wasting your time using expensive, ineffective treatments, and try OptiDerma Heel Balm today- now 20% off at, limited time only. #Heels #FootCare #OptiDerma #Papaya #CrackedHeels #ChickenSkin #KeratosisPilaris #AustralianMade

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