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Novotone is a quality music rehearsal and tuition studio located in the Newcastle suburb of Carrington. We also offer instrument maintenance, repair & hire Novotone is a quality music rehearsal and tuition studio located in the Newcastle suburb of Carrington. We also offer instrument maintenance, hire and repair.

Whether you're a full time professional fine tuning the set for that upcoming tour, an old soul getting the band back together or a new kid on the block jamming for the first time you need a space where you can make as much noise as you bloody well please without the distractions of the man telling you to turn it down and we got you covered.

Novotone offers purpose built, acoustically treated rehearsal rooms equipped with good quality PA gear. Forget about loading in and take advantage of the amps and kits we have available here.

We offer quality vocal, guitar, bass and drum tuition for beginner to intermediate players. Book a casual lesson or enrol for a term.

Whether you snapped that Les Paul headstock again or you just need some help changing your strings we can sort you out.

For general enquiries and rates please visit our website or email


Kye Smith

Just a young fella from Newcastle killing it!

More Than Steel & Coal Mixtape: Volume One

Newcastle music is alive and well. Here's the proof.


So Chrissy and New Year are done and most of us are back at work cursing life trying to figure out the next thing to look forward to. Well you could start a band and get your backside in here to rehearse, or you could also grab yourself a ticket to Thrashville, the slightly heavier day of pants wetting fun out on the farm with our good mates and the Hunter Valley's finest - Dashville. Better yet do both. Cold beer, great food, sunshine and rock and roll. Summer sorted. You're very welcome.

Timeline Photos

HAD to make room on the WALL for our BROTHERS in THE CITIES!! Thanks for the Xmas present Legends!

Timeline Photos

PJL Custom Guitars | novotonenewcastle

Ever wondered wondered about making a guitar? We sat down with Paul Lambert of PJL Custom Guitars and the Australian Guitar Makers School to find out.

Hack the Mainframe

Couple of MAD CATS borrowed our little space to BANG out this little RIPPER!

Stuff We Dig - William Crighton 'Jesus Blues' | novotonenewcastle

Our mate Lenny Jones puts on a Christmas party at The Junkyard in Maitland each year to raise money for kids less fortunate than most. This year the gig takes place this Saturday 10th December with all money raised to be split between the Starlight Foundation and the Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children. Essentially it's a FREE gig, all he asks is that you throw a couple of bucks in when the hat goes round. The line up includes Baghead, The Delta Lions, Andrew Richmond, Boots Porter, Ben Leece and this talented bloke headlining. William Crighton is simply brilliant. He captures Australiana like no other, perfectly conjuring time and place and taking you there. This is his new jam Jesus Blues and the clip is great. If you haven't seen him live this gig would be an excellent place to start.

Thrashville is coming... | novotonenewcastle

You may have seen some pink posters out and about of late. Thrashville is the slightly heavier brainchild of our good mates out on the farm at Dashville and with a line up boasting fellow tractor drivers the Cosmic Psychos, Punchbowl's finest the Hard Ons as well as Clowns, The Neptune Power Federation, Jen Buxton & The Slaughterhouse Five and Newcastle's favourite political commentators The Australian Beefweek Show and a gut load of others the dust will be flying. Any Dashville event is a good time. In fact it is simply impossible to have a bad time out there. There is surely some sort of sorcery afoot beyond the front gate that keeps the smile on your face so if you've never experienced it and loud and fast rock and roll is your bag then Thrashville is definitely the day to dip your toe in.

Hack The Mainframe | novotonenewcastle

After years of carting everyone else's gear around, driving the bus and manning the merch while the band were off cavorting, Paddy Dempsey finally got the call up to the big leagues. We caught up with him to chat about his new band Hack The Mainframe and what it's like to be 'Trapped Online.'

Get Off The Couch - December Gigs | novotonenewcastle

Live original music is alive and well in Newcastle this silly season. Get off the couch and support it.

Triple J Hottest 100 Number Ones: A 2 Minute Drum Chronology - Kye Smith [4K]

Smitty does it again. And in record time we might add. How does one get to be so prolific? #genuinemadsnake

Horror Business The Delta Lions The Cities

Horror Business The Delta Lions The Cities