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Sound Therapy Perth: Ear Brain Physio

Unit 4, 2 Panama St, Canning Vale, Australia
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Ear-brain physio technologies to stimulate the brain and rehabilitate the auditory system.


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We'll be open a couple of days next week, but will be closed on the public holidays plus a couple of extra days to spend time with family. Season's greetings to you all!

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ForBrain which is a bone conduction headset with a microphone that easily enables you to use your voice to boost your brain.

Study – The Energizing Power of Gregorian Chants

I remember reading about this years ago. It's a shame we've largely lost things like communal singing. Our voices can have quite an effect on our own body.

Some fantastic feedback from a listener who is a college student who started his listening in August: "Thank you again for this amazing product! I definitely have noticed my ability to pay attention has improved immensely. I am doing much better at school this semester! I know it is the sound therapy. I even improved on my handwriting! I have been trying to listen for one hour throughout each day."

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We will be CLOSED on Monday 26th September for the Queens Birthday Holiday in Western Australia.

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Auditory Processing Product for Speech, Language and Attention - Forbrain

Forbrain is currently on sale for US$299 (usually $359) with FREE SHIPPING - and if you use the link below you'll receive an ADDITIONAL 10% off. If you've considered trying Forbrain, now is the time to order!

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SleepPhones are finally back in stock!

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A brief update I've just received, from a listener who has been using Sound Therapy since December: "I've been enjoying the Sound Therapy music that I purchased some time back and have found it very helpful in keeping my ears reasonably clear - and no more tinnitis." Great to hear!

Our phone line is back in service!

We're having issues with our phone at the moment. Our ISP is investigating the issue. Our internet connectivity is fine though, so we can answer enquiries online or via email.


Do you or your child have a sensory processing disorder?

Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition for a Healthy Diet |Juice Plus+

Proper nutrition is such a vital part of health (it's a key foundation!), but it's an area many of us struggle with, particularly if we are busy. I've always advocated getting nutrients from whole foods as much as possible, and for the past 6 weeks I've been trying out (and researching as much as I can) a simple way to get more organic fruit and veg into your diet: Juice Plus+ capsules (or soft chews). I've been super impressed so far - if I go a couple of days without taking it, I really notice a drop in my energy levels. And the FREE chews for kids (if an adult takes Juice Plus) are absolutely fantastic - my super fussy daughter has happily been taking her chews. If you or your children could do with more variety of fruit and veg in your diet, check it out!


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