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Welcome to Bing Han – the Premium Panax Ginseng.

歡迎來到炳翰 - 最優質的人參
Bing Han ginseng is grown exclusively at our own expansive farming facilities in northeastern China. It is then specially processed at our plant in Tainan, Taiwan, where we adhere strictly to the standards of good manufacturing practices (GMP) and the International Standards Organization (ISO 9001) which are recognized as the world’s highest quality control standards. Bing Han has rapidly grown into one of the most specialized and integrated ginseng distribution companies in the world.

Our dedicated focus on one flagship product – Bing Han Refined Panax Ginseng Powder – has led to our phenomenal success.

Bing Han’s corporate headquarters and pharmaceutical factory are situated in Taiwan with numerous affiliate offices around the world including Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia.

炳翰人參培植於中國東北長白山的參場,然後在台南制藥廠精制成炳翰人參粉。制作過程完全根據良好作業規範(GMP) 和 國際標準化組織(ISO9001) 的規格。炳翰在過去廿年間迅速發展成世界頂尖的人參產品公司之一。

本公司專注的旗艦產品 - 炳翰精制人參粉 - 帶給我們空前的成功。公司得以從台灣總公司發展至全世界,包括香港,加拿大,美國,日本,澳門,印尼,馬來西亞和澳洲。


Eat a Handful of This Everyday to Fight-Off Deadly Diseases | 1mhealthtips

#Nuts are rich in fibre, protein, polyunsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats, some vitamins and minerals. Some nuts such as pecans, walnuts and sunflower seeds are high in antioxidants and phytochemicals. Add some nuts to your daily diet could reduce the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. #堅果 富含纖維,蛋白質,不飽和脂肪酸,維生素和礦物質。一些堅果如核桃和葵花籽,更含有大量的抗氧化劑和植物生化素。添加堅果到你的日常飲食中,可以降低心血管疾病和癌症等疾病的風險。

Foods that Can Speed Up Healing

Foods that can speed up healing • Honey • Vitamin C rich foods • Nuts and seeds • Protein foods • Ghee • Turmeric • Vitamin A rich foods 可以加速癒合的食物 •蜜糖 •富含維生素C的食物 •堅果類和種子類 •蛋白質食品 •印度奶油 •薑黃 •富含維生素A的食物

Muscle Boosting Benefits with Ginseng | BingHan

#Anabolism is the process of using simple substances to build up and create more complex materials of living tissue. In the case of #musclebuilding, it is the taking of amino acids to make protein that builds up muscles. #Panaxginseng contains ginsenosides, an active substance that has anabolic effects, and prevents adrenal overstimulation 合成代謝是使用簡單物質建立和創造更複雜肌肉組織的過程。在肌肉組成的例子中,它是採取氨基酸,使蛋白質幫助組成肌肉。 人參含有人參皂苷(具有合成代謝作用的活性物質),可以防止腎上腺過度刺激。

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If you start now you’ll start seeing results one day earlier than if you wait until tomorrow. START TODAY! #quoteoftheday 如果你現在就開始行動,就會比你明天才開始行動早一天看到結果。所以今天就開始行動吧! #每日格言

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Ginseng Benefits & Information (Panax Ginseng)

#Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) #Benefits Asian Ginseng is one of the most highly regarded of herbal medicines in the Orient, where it has gained an almost magical reputation for being able to promote health, general body vigour, to prolong life and treat many ailments including depression, diabetes, fatigue, ageing, inflammations, internal degeneration, nausea, tumours, pulmonary problems, dyspepsia, vomiting, nervousness, stress, and ulcers. 亞洲 #人參 是東方最受尊敬的 #草藥 之一,它已經獲得了幾乎神奇的聲譽,它能夠促進健康以及讓身體保持活力,延長生命和治療許多疾病,包括憂鬱症,糖尿病,疲勞,老化 ,炎症,腫瘤,肺部問題,消化不良,嘔吐,神經緊張,壓力和潰瘍。

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Drinking #water at the correct time maximizes its effectiveness on the human body. 在適當的時候喝水可以得到最大的好處: - 早上起床後喝兩杯可以活化內臟 - 餐前一杯可以幫助消化 - 洗澡前一杯可以防止高血壓 - 睡前一杯可以預防中風和心臟病

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High White Blood Cell Count: What are the Causes?

If a person has a high #whitebloodcell count, it may indicate that they have an infection and that the #immunesystem is working to destroy it. It may also be a sign that the person is experiencing physical or emotional #stress. People with particular blood cancers may also have high white blood cells counts. A low white blood cell count can signal that something is destroying the cells faster than they are being made, or that the body is producing too few of them. 如果一個人白血球數量過高,這可能是細菌感染的症狀,免疫系統正在努力的和細菌戰鬥。但亦可能是一個人正在經歷身體或情緒壓力的跡象。患有特定血癌的人也可能有白血球過高的現象。 白血球過低表示白血球被破壞的比被製造更快,或者身體產生的白血球太少。

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Being #healthy and #fit isn't a fad or a trend. Instead, it's a #lifestyle. #quoteoftheday 健康不是一種潮流或趨勢,而是一種生活方式。#每日格言

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Top Age-Defying Herbs and Spices | 1mhealthtips

Age-Defying Herbs and Spices ※ Turmeric ※ Milk Thistle ※ Ashwagandha ※ Garlic ※ Ginseng ※ Rosemary ※ Grape Seed ※ Reishi 抗老的草藥與香料 ※ 薑黃 ※ 奶薊 ※ 印度人參 ※ 大蒜 ※ 人參 ※ 迷迭香 ※ 葡萄籽 ※ 靈芝

Oolong Tea Benefits You Should Know About

Oolong tea contains plenty of antioxidants that can protect the body against toxins while promoting better #health. #Oolong Tea Benefits You Should Know About. ※ Promotes healthy looking skin. ※ Reduces cholesterol. ※ Prevents diabetes. ※ Improves digestion. ※ Better mental performance. ※ Boosts immune system. ※ Contains anti-cancer properties. 烏龍茶含有大量的抗氧化劑,可以保護身體避免毒素,同時讓身體更健康。 #烏龍茶 的好處有: ※促進健康的肌膚。 ※降低膽固醇。 ※預防糖尿病。 ※改善消化。 ※更好的心理表現。 ※增強免疫系統。 ※含有抗癌性。

Stress Reduction | BingHan

We all know that #stress reduction is crucial if we want to live long, vibrant and healthy lives, as stressed minds would create stressed bodies, with heightened levels of #inflammation and susceptibility to disease. Panax #ginseng as an adaptogenic plant, helps reduce the effects of stress on mind and body. 我們都知道,緊張的頭腦會壓迫身體,令身體出現高水平的炎症和容易患病,如果我們想要長壽,活力和健康的生活,減少壓力是非常重要的。人參作為含適應原的植物,有助於減低壓力對頭腦和身體的影響。

5 reasons your skin loves ginseng

#Ginseng’s incredible balancing and rejuvenating qualities make it as important in skin care as it is in health and wellness. Here are 5 reasons why your skin loves ginseng. - Collagen booster - Complexion helper - Skincare all-rounder - Lightening dark circles - Fight hair fall 人參令人難以置信的平衡和回春作用,使人參在皮膚護理和健康方面,佔據著同樣重要的位置。以下是五個皮膚喜愛人參的原因: — 提升膠原蛋白 — 保持健康膚色 — 全能地護理皮膚 — 淡化黑眼圈 — 減少毛髪脫落