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Da Mario Pizza Restaurant Original

Shop 9, 320 Gorge Road, Athelstone, Australia



Quality & Freshness is the outcome of our perfect pizzas! Because perfection takes time!!!
Be prepared ......Are you ready...... Exceptional quality and freshmess is the outcome of our perfect pizzas


To our valued clients thanku for your ongoing support throughout 2016. We are closed sat 24th dec Sun 25th dec Mon 26th Tues 27th Open Wed 28th dec Thurs 29th dec Fri 30th dec Closed Sat 31st dec Sun 1st jan Mon 2nd jan Tues 3rd jan Da marios reopens wed 4th january When you will crave a killa pizza and get sick of fat turkey right?

As this evening was extremely busy thank you for your patience and support as we had unusual waiting periods and in undated orders

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The sfiziozo fresh melted italian soft cheese Rocket parma ham yum....

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Two guys walk into a bar ....

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Its time change this evening turn your clocks forward 1hr...

Are re-open tonight !! Delivery anyone?

No power at pizza bar at present and phones not working either so no trade until power is bak sori for the inconvenience.

@work Tired??? Hungry.... pizza

George Clooney lookalike in this evening We also have a john lennon, al pacino, third rock from the sun guy.. dont know his name Theres never a dull moment...Oh last night Anthony Callea lookalike... And every now and then Julian australian idol boy band lives in area girls

Please note we dont display our pricelists on any sites. Please ask our helpful staff apon ordering or pick one up. Closed Tuesdays. Open wed to mon 4pm till 10.30pm Kitchen orders close 9.15pm We have both fresh and tin mushrooms. As we are busy during peak periods please be patient our pizzas are worth the wait..

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Double trouble

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