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and we can build this thing together ...something something something ...nothin’s gonna stop us now 💝

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🔥new edit out now on @future_disco😍

Good Morning, Disco!, a playlist by luxxury on Spotify

HAPPY FRIDAY I couldn't help myself there's SOOO MUCH good new music so I added 30+ songs to "Good Morning, Disco" Midnight Magic Corine EKKAH Lindstrom Moullinex & so much more...follow for frequently refreshed funk!

😍hey LA let's get hawt sat nyte! 🍑

😍hey LA let's get hawt sat nyte! 🍑

Good Morning, Disco!, a playlist by luxxury on Spotify

💸hi! yes it's really me. this really is a 2nd golden age for disco & funk, even the weird and wonky bedroom pop subgenre that i revel in and obsess over. i just added 23 dusty disco discoveries to my "Good Morning, Disco!" playlist including nu instant classics from Goldroom Birdee Fouk Miami Horror Kraak & Smaak & Moon Boots - listen dance & FOLLOW for frequently refreshed funk!

Another Lifetime (impakt remix)

suuuper chilllll tropical friday vibes 😍🐧🙏

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Do you work too HARD? I know I do! Work work work. So boy can I relate. To YOU. We are the same, you and me. Right? OMG. We share all these all too human “emotions,” all the “feelings”, such as love, fear, hunger, longing, and also hunger again. But listen to me with the ears of your true SELF, the ears of your deepest SOUL, when I tell you that salvation from your TOIL is available to you, in fact it’s right in front of your fucking 👃 you stupid goddamn jerk. It’s JAZZ. In an uber. I’m chill AF right now, and AF means “AS FUCK” so you know I’m mad chill. And it’s cuz JEREMY is flinging that impossibly sedate modern ass “jazz” where the production is way too clean and the snare sound sucks and the guy is playing like a 7 string bass or something like maybe it’s the same guy who played on “What I Am” by Edie Brickell, I’m pretty sure he’s a New Bohemian, that’s why it’s jazzz with like three fucking “z’s” and it’s in both my earholes RN for free, no extra charge and it’s mellowing my harsh to the 💯 and I can’t wait to arrive in Vegas where it’s 💯 degrees and oh I see my time is up so I’ll stop

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Another Lifetime - LUXXURY Remix

New! "Another Lifetime (LUXXURY remix)" ft. Scavenger Hunt

praying 4 disco? 🙏🏽🌹😎 i am here for you, my son. >>> 📸 Eli Green

praying 4 disco? 🙏🏽🌹😎
i am here for you, my son.

📸 Eli Green

Beyond Synth - 198 - Luxxury

who wants to listen to me talk about songwriting secrets, 4chan trolls, Canadian pleasantness, and more? check this new interview I did on Beyond Synth Podcast, such a great conversation - we got so deep into my musical history it feels like a (hopefully not quite yet) mid-career retrospective! Thanks 🙏🏽 Andy Beyond Synth Laste for asking thought provoking questions and editing/tolerating my lengthy answers🎷👍🍓hear it here:

congrats 🎉 grads 👩‍🎓 n dads 🎷

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Luxxury's cover photo


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