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Private Zucht eines meiner Favoriten, der Teppichpython und seine Morphen


First clutch of our carpets this year. Caramel zebra paired with a super zebra jaguar (paradox).

Caramel zebra x super zebra jag.

First signs of the female are good. Zebra het granite x granite jag.

2017 bred zebras, caramels and caramel zebs are ready to go. ;-) Picture is caramel zeb female.

For Houten snakeday. 1,0 Super zebra (jag.) CB 2016. Super bright color and perfect tail!! More infos just via pm!

Some albino stuff.

Some caramel - zebra stuff. ;-)

Not the best pic but a fantastic snake. Super zebra jag. And little paradox. ;-)

Het albino female on her eggs. Do not show anything! ;-) Sorry bad pic, I just noticed the clutch, nightshot.

Dj zebra x caramel zebra

Jag het axanth. Nice pattern.

Hatching from axanthic jag x caramel zebra. Maybe a caramel zebra jag het ax is in.


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