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Payout for those joing for the cashback & discount system + affiliate program:

Shop, save, share. You should be using the Saivian cashback program! It costs US$125/HK$1,000 to join each month but you get 20% cash back from your credit card usage for purchases of $5 to $300 from any 10 stores you select for a maximum monthly rebate of US$250/HK$2,000. In addition: o Instant Savings Benefits – Discounts to over 300,000 international retail stores! o Exclusive access to offers and discounts supplied by our network of local merchants around the world! o Access to the travel portal where you can get the best pricing on Travel! Once you get three people to join with you as an affiliate, your monthly fee is "waived" as you begin to collect $5 a day as long as those three people continue to use the discount system. We buy everything on our credit card and pay it off each month. Thus $1000 in spending earns $200 in cash back. I have three people thus my monthly fee is waived. Thanks Becs! Let one of us know if you want to know more.


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