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SvB Safety Services - Facebook Page - Fire / Safety / Instruments Servicing & Consulting SvB Safety Services was founded out of the idea of several Maritime Experts that have specialized in Fire-Fighting & Safety Equipment Services over the years of working in the Shipping-Industry.

Being well known in this world-wide industry and having partnered with local and international suppliers of fire and safety equipment, and having a flexible work mentality, we serve our customers with quality, knowledge and support in all the main ports.

SvB Safety Services offers a complete range of Fire Fighting - Life Saving - Instrument Equipment service products through out
own workshops in Germany and The Netherlands. And via a Certified Partner Network we are able to provide the same level of service also on a World-Wide basis.


Having partnered with like minded professionals & companies we can assure our customers SOLAS and Manufacturer approved technicians to provide services on your vessels.


In our Instrument Calibration workshops we provide quick in-port calibration or a fleet covert exchange program for your instruments, so we are able to offer services exactly to your requirements


Relying upon years of expertise, know-how and dedication to quality, your vessels will operate safe with SvB Safety Services



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