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We provide a personality profiling service to individuals and companies.  Get in touch if you want to improve your odds or talk about profiling. The DISC Profiling test we use is the best in the world.
Since the introduction of the DISC profile method 60 years ago
more than 80 million tests have been carried out.
We are leading experts who have lectured all over Europe
and we have been using the DISC system for 25 years.
Everyone we work with has been surprized how
accurate and useful a report can be.

Whilst we have a team of in-house experts we also work
specialists throughout Europe.


DISC Profiling - 02380 840 376 -

I've used profiling before and know it helps in management. Is there any way it can help our sales team improve? It's good that you've already seen the benefit in terms of management and so you understand that we don't all have the same communication style. In our experience profiling is used more for sales management and sales recruitment than in any other area. When it comes to working in sales, one selling style doesn't suit all customers. Buying styles vary just as much as selling styles. If your team can understand their own communication profile, they can more easily identify their customer's style of communicating and buying, thus enabling them to build successful relationships and achieve better results. Profiling is of enormous benefit to a sales team in so many ways. Please get in touch for a chat, I'll be happy to help with more detailed information.

I have a difficult team member. He's a star and I want to keep him, but he's driving me mad. Who should I be profiling - him or me? If you want to understand this person, it would help if you were both profiled. You could then discover the best way to talk to each other and adapt your own management style to match his motivational needs and resolve any issues in a more productive way.

This is a question we are asked on a regular basis Question:- I have an interview soon. Will it help me if I have my own DISC test done beforehand? Answer:- At a basic level, a profile will tell you if you are good in an interview or confusing. Knowing beforehand your strengths and weaknesses will highlight the type of work you will enjoy most and prepare you for building on the positive elements of your personality at the interview.


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