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Ribcap your head, Protect your style! Ribcap is not a helmet but so much more than a normal cap thanks to the integrated protectors. Any sport or activity that allows you to wear a hat or beanie or where it’s not obliged to wear a helmet. A lot of our customers use it also as their everyday cap since the comfort level. All Ribcaps can be used for all kind of outdoor activities where the user can assess his foreseeable use for which it is intended. The user can perform the risk-related activity normally whilst enjoying appropriate protection. In case you fall or if you hit your head against an object, the protectors which are sewn in to the Ribcap absorb a part of the impact forces and protect you against scratches, abrasions and cooling. Rèmy Willinger, Professor of Biomechanics at the University Strasbourg and acknowledged expert in the field of head protection, has completely tested Ribcap in fall 2009. As a result he came to the conclusion “Ribcap prevents head trauma – in all tested impact situations, heads protected by Ribcap showed significantly lower injury risks”.



NEAR Ribcap