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CINEVISION are Production Service Providers in Germany for Commercials, TV Shows & Documentaries. Producer, Richard Carter keeps you updated  


2018 predicted by many to be a booming year for German TV & Film industry and production all round. We're ready, bring it on! #ProductionServices #Germany #ShootingLocation #ShootInGermany

I dare you to name a hotter international shooting location than Berlin. It's so awesome we wrote a blog about the place. #Berlin #LocationGermany

Nice one ARRI the 4K ALEXA LF is available end of March, cost €74K. Bunch of lenses coming too #4k #ARRI #ALEXA

Now this is a real proper BHS (behind the scenes). Love it!

Shooting the bright lights of #Berlin and Frankfurt on the Canon EOS C100, C200, C300, C500? No baby, it's the big boy Canon C700! #ShootInBerlin #C700

This is excellent. Read and memorise😉

Why's the shoot taking so long? Spin the Movie Wheel of Blame. Round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows.

We were chuffed when Process Creative asked us to go back to LALIQUE crystal in France and work on this lovely piece which sylishly urges you to buy a $7,500 bottle of Patrón Tequila. Worth the price? Sadly we never got to have a sip..oh well next time!

Just wrapped production on US TV Show Bizarre Foods "Delicious Destinations" for Travel Channel shooting the heck out of Germany's culinary curiosities. It was finger lickin fun!

We all know Google owns YouTube but I bet you didn’t know that Gaming is the second biggest YouTube channel after Music. Big deal right? Well, Google think so and with this in mind they set out to raise awareness about gaming and show the impact it has on society and our lives in general. We stepped up as German producers on the project and took a playful journey around Germany meeting (and filming) the likes of an actual Professor of Games along with a whole bunch of other influencers including young filmmakers, cutting edge artists, musicians, and of course the famous gamers themselves. It was quite a ride.

Here's our latest project featuring Lukas Podolski shot for Perform Group and DAZN. Watch how German footballer, Poldi embraces crossing over to the Japanese way in his own unique style.

Service Production on Travel Channel show for Atlas Media Corps on set at the V8 Hotel Motorworld Region Stuttgart shooting fast cars again with one of our fav cameras the VariCam