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Real-3d Animation Studio

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Real-3d Animation Studio specialized in character animated shorts. Founded by Giora Eshkol 2001. Giora a figurative artist by training started creating 3d animation back in 1993, Hollywood CA., therefore the studio have a strong artistic backbone as well as solid experience in 3d production. We committed to create the highest quality 3d models and to deliver it on time globally. The Studio is specialized in modeling/rigging of high quality custom made 3d characters for Features, TV, Games and Interactive Media
in a unique artistic style, and with competitive prices!
Quality and excellence will always be rewarding and pleasure.
That's what Artworks are all about!



Disney Inside Out animated Logo: Animation and Modelling by Giora Eshkol 1995 at The Post Group, Hollywood, Ca. Producer: Mark Franco.

Syracuse University animated Logo- created 1995 at The Post Group Hollywood Ca by Giora Eshkol, producer: Mark Franco, client:Bob Gutiery

The 54th Golden Globe Awards - Produced 1996 at Complete Post Hollywood Ca. by Gene Weeds of The Dick Clark Production, Burbank Ca. Design, Modelling and Animation by Giora Eshkol.

The 22nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, 1995 The Post Group, Hollywood Ca. Producer: Mark Franco, Client and Design: Bob Gutiery. Modeling and Animation: Giora Eshkol.

SSS-1a, created by Giora Eshkol, 2001.

Real-3D Studio 2005 in 3D at:


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