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This Facebook page is dedicated to promoting the use of Bishop Auckland Town Centre Shopping.  

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Morning friends, here's a fantastic selection of just some of the items available right here at base today. The first photo is of a Moleskin Jacket, now the reason I mention this is because I bought one of these yesterday and i can personally tell you this one of the best outdoor jackets I have ever had. Moleskin with 4 layers, believe me when I tell you nothing gets through this jacket and boy is it warm. Whatever outdoor clothing you need, Hi -Viz , leisure or high quality Camo, come take a look you wont be disapointed. Shoes of all descriptions, models, toys, craft work, pushchairs, curio's and bric a brac as wll as collectors items, D&D, Gothis, Steam etc etc, works of art and personal portraits, Printing, cosmetics, fresh fruit and veg and of course Bolams Meats. Then when you have finished why not sit down and enjoy a nice cuppa in our spacious Cafe. All here at BASE, 77 Newgate Street, YOUR Social Enterprise

Lets see if you can recognise your parents from all of those years ago. Or perhaps even yourself..... Just click on the black and white photo then click on "Watch for free".

Just to let you know, from Tomorrow we will have Johnny, the Jacket and Jean man setting up in BASE. He is usually on Darlington Market but intends being in BASE for 6 days/week. He has an extensive range of outdoor clothing (I bought myself a Moleskin coat off him last week and it's fantastic). So if you are looking for quality outdoor wear including Hi Viz then pop in and take a look.

Please share this video, help us to bring Bishop Auckland back to it's former retail glory and create employment and opportunities for everyone

In August, BASE will be holding a "Soap Box Derby" in Bishop Auckland. We are in consultation with the Police concerning their involvement and are trying to get two teams of interceptors to also take part. So if any of you young people feel the need to race against the Interceptors then please get your names down for it. The event will hopefully take place in the vicinity of Newton Cap Bank (Thats all I can say for now). It will run along the same lines as the Red Bull Races and points awarded in a similar fashion. Every entrant will get a memento of the day and the winner will get a trophy and their name entered onto a winners shield which will be fought for every year. Can Bishop Auckland Win the first year ? perhaps you guys are not as good as the Shildon chaps and the trophy will go to them ? It will be great fun, so get your names in and final details will be released to all entrants ASAP> I will aslo be looking for volunteers to help. Call Steve or Tracey on 07902 902925, or email or call into the shop and speak to us.

We are Bishop Auckland Social Enterprise. WE set up in the old "In Shops" building on Newgate St, Bishop Auckland, with the sole intention of encouraging the footfall back into the Town Centre and especially Newgate St. As a "Community Interest Company" we are not set up to make a profit, under the terms of the CIC the vast majority of our income is re invested into the local community. Inside BASE we rent out small work units (much the same way that "In Shops" did) but at a far more reasonable rate. This gives members of the public who have the need, to try their hands at presenting their goods for sale in a dry safe environment, with no long term commitment. The money BASE raises from renting these spaces is fed back into the Bishop Auckland Community via Social events such as those carried out over the Christmas Holidays where we arranged Christmas festivities and food for over 150 disadvantaged people. To help us, we only ask that you visit our Enterprise and pehaps do a small portion of your shopping here. From Class A Fruit and Veg and Bolams Meat Products, to fashion jewelry, pushchairs and a vast array of other goods to many to mention. These are your friends, relatives and neighbours all doing their bit to enhance Newgate St, please help them . In the near future we will be setting up Bishop Auckland Town Centres only Youth Club in our upstairs rooms, to give those young men and women somewhere to hangout and socialise instead of on our street corners. We are here to create opportunity and equality wherever we are able, this is your Social Enterprise, all of our endeavours are aimed at improving the experience of shopping in Bishop Auckland Town Centre, your Town Centre.

Coming in the next few days to Bishop Auckland Social Enterprise, one of the best Tattoo artists in the region, watch this space