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Student council Conservatorium Maastricht

Bonnefantenstraat 15, Maastricht, Netherlands



Here you can contact us and give us your suggestions and advices about our Conservatorium!

Florin, Anna, Christine, Layan and Giannis Dear students,

we (Florin, Anna, Christine, Layan and Giannis) are members of the student council for the Classical Department of the Conservatorium Maastricht. Our job is bringing up new ideas to make studying at our school even better.
To make that possible please feel free to tell us your opinions on things, that are not going too well, no matter in which year of studies you are! If you have problems with a theory teacher, other students, your main subject professor or even personal things you can come to one of the student council members and we will try to help you with solving the problem.
Of course you are also always welcome to give us new ideas of things, that you would like to see/have in our school.
We will definitely take all ideas into account when we have our meetings with the head of the classical department, the artistic council etc.!! :)


Need some help? Meet the student council!! Name : Florin Mantale Year : 2nd Bachelor Nationality: Romanian Studies : Piano Performance Reason to be in the council: I was appointed by The Artistic council Fun fact : My parents wished me to be a priest

JUST IN!!! All the shows of Ariadne auf Naxos are free for all students of Conservatorium Maastricht!! Just remember to have your student ID!! ;)

Need some help?? Meet the student council!! Name : Stanislav Degtyarev Year : 2nd Master Nationality: Russian Studies : Violoncello Reason to be in the council: happy to help people. Fun fact : I really love my cello, but sometimes still envy to flute players (especially during flights)

URGENT!!! Susanne van Els about opera production!! FAQ #1:- why were the parts so late? --- there was trouble with the delivery of the original sheet music: we had to negotiate about the costs of rights, then some of the pieces only arrived late in the last week before the rehearsals - this is no good, but it was out of our control... Then unfortunately the copying also took longer than expected. The reduced version could not be made in time because the conductor only told us on the first day of rehearsal that that was required. FAQ#2: - why are there extra rehearsals for extra music??? --- there is no extra music: all these (parts of parts of) pieces by Schönberg, Massenet, Wagner, Cage, Reimann was on the list that director and conductor and vocal section decided on, already in February. There should not have been extra rehearsals: unfortunately the conductor decided on the spot that he did not want to include anything but Strauss and Schönberg in the planned rehearsal week.

Need some help? Meet the student council!! Name : Giannis Montesantos Year : 2nd Bachelor Nationality: Greek Studies : Composition & Music Theory Reason to be in the council: There was a free spot 😝 Fun fact : Before music I was studying computer programming... Hated it.

On behald of the Student council Conservatorium Maastricht congratulations to all performers of Nacht van de Vrijheid of Conservatorium Maastricht!!

Need some help? Meet the student council!! Name: Layan Nijem Instrument: Viola Study year: 3rd year Bachelor Nationality: Palestinian Reason why I am in the Student Council: When I came to school, I always had ideas and suggestions that I did not know what to do with. The student council is not just an incubator to new ideas but also provides great support to the students’ initiatives. Fun Fact: I take pride in my cooking. My sister even got me a chef’s hat with my name embroidered on it for Christmas!

Already missed the choir?? Here is another small video of the last rehearsal! At Conservatorium Maastricht..

Need some help? Meet the student council!! Name: Nina Basdras Instrument: Soprano Voice Study year: 4th year Bachelor Nationality: Greek Reason why I am in the Student Council: I really believe in the work the student council does, providing voice to all the students of the school! Fun Fact: Leaving Greece I also had to leave my four cats behind.. They are Marlon, Bruce, Charlie and Pepe and there are named after artists I admire!

CORNOPERA Conservatorium Maastricht!! DO NOT MISS!! Today 26th of April 19h: recital of the graduating students! Tomorrow 27th 19h: recital Takeshi Hidaka & David Alonso Fernández! Friday 19h: CORNOPERA final concert with Fidelio, Carmen, Freischütz and Don Carlo. Singers: Fenna Ograjensek (Soprano) and Sef Thissen (Bariton)!

Still wondering about Nacht van de Vrijheid of Conservatorium Maastricht? Listen to what Susanne van Els has to say about it!

Need some help? Meet the Student council Conservatorium Maastricht! Name: Júlia Conangla Instrument: Violin Study year: 2nd year Bachelor Nationality: Spanish Reason why I am in the Student Council: I like to help in doing things as much as I can, so now that I am in the student council I have the opportunity to help students and try to solve problems Fun Fact: Since I was young I take the initiative, actually I was the first twin to be born