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Maternity Physio Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda

Hardman's gardens, Drogheda, Ireland
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Welcome to the Maternity Physio Department @ OurLadyofLourdes Hospital

Please see the posts for all info needed Our team of physiotherapists run postnatal classes for women who have had their baby in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital or who live in the Louth Meath area and are between 2 to 12 weeks after giving birth. Earlier attendance is better, ideally before 6 weeks.

We encourage all new mums (whether it's your first or tenth baby!) to book a place to attend one of our postnatal classes (for after your baby is born)
Often, new mums forget to look after themselves, but it is important that you do, for you and for your family's sake.

At the class, you will learn about suitable tummy muscle exercises, how to do pelvic floor exercises properly, advice on returning to exercise, minding your back while you mind your baby, tummy time for baby and an introduction to baby massage. You also get the chance to ask questions.

Most mums will be bringing their newborns with them. Some babies will be sleeping, some will be feeding etc. Babies don't participate actively in the class, so anything goes! If you have older children, we would ask that you do not bring them to the class, for safety reasons.
The class lasts almost 2 hours It's a demonstration, information session. Mums are not expected to be participating actively unless they want to.
You only need to attend one class and booking is essential.


CLASS DETAILS *** PLEASE READ to the end of this post, it answers all your questions. Please also see our Class dates and times in a separate post below. Postnatal physio classes, Lourdes Hospital Did you know that ALL women who have had a baby in the Lourdes should come to one of these classes. Whether it's your first or tenth baby, whether you had a vaginal birth or c-section, and whether you are having problems or not. Looking after your recovery is important! At the start of the class, we have a quick look at your tummy muscles, and you have a chance to tell us in private if you are worried about anything in particular. See post below for dates and times We hope to see you soon * extra classes are scheduled when demand is high* All classes are in the midwifery education centre/st Teresa's nurse's residence, beside the Lourdes Church, Hardman's Garden's (note - where antenatal classes are held) Street parking in the area is mostly pay parking. Do not park in the church car-park. There is NO CHARGE for the class Booking essential, as we like to keep classes small. To book: Send a private message on this page with: Your phone number + Which class you want to attend. We will reply to confirm your place. The classes are for all women between 2 and 12 weeks postnatal, but we encourage you to attend before 6 weeks if you can. You only need to attend one class. Our class covers backcare, return to exercise, pelvic floor exercises, safe stomach exercises, and tummy time for baby. It's an information session, there is no pressure to actively participate unless you want to. Class lasts almost 2 hours. Most mums will be bringing their newborns with them, so babies are fed/changed throughout the class. It's a relaxed and supportive environment. For safety reasons, we ask that toddlers/older children are not brought to the class. There is plenty of room for prams/buggies - PLEASE don't carry the car seat, use wheels! Hoping to see you soon Miriam and Elena

CLASS DATES + TIMES - updated regularly! Please choose your date from the list below. We use Facebook to cut down on admin time, this is not a business, we don't have admin support, PLEASE HELP US, READ THE POSTS!!! Please also see pinned post (CLASS DETAILS) at top, this will answer any other questions you may have Please note, from now on, NEW VENUE. NEXT POSTNATAL CLASSES. Wed 19th April @ 10 - spaces available Wed 26th April @ 10 *****Please send us a message with your phone number and the date of the class you want to attend. We will reply to confirm. ***** NEW VENUE- In midwifery education centre/st theresa's nurses's residence, beside Lourdes Church, Hardman's Gardens - same building as early pregnancy and antenatal classes. Don't forget to read the details post (pinned post at top)

Have you had a baby recently, or do you know someone who has? Don't forget that our postnatal physio class gives you loads of info on being healthy as a new mum. Suitable for all mums who gave birth in the Lourdes, or other new mums who live in Louth / Meath, whether it's your first baby or not, and regardless of the type of birth you had. For women between 2 and 12 weeks postnatal, ideal before 6 weeks. See our details post and our dates post on this page and message us to book - it's free, and newborns are obviously welcome. Hope to see you soon! Miriam