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Nhuara Baret International

68 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, Paris, France



Luxury Natural Cosmetics with the Best French Savoir-Faire and the Most Exclusive and Effective Raw Materials. “Pursuing the perfection of nature” This statement defines what we are, an avant-garde luxury natural cosmetics brand. We select the most exclusive and effective ingredients of nature and blend them with the higher French technology leading to a new-generation formula without harmful components that respects the principle of TOTUM VEGETAL which allow us to maintain the beneficial synergies of ingredients that work together in harmony. From the first application consumers could feel the lift effect, the optimal hydration and the protection of external agents. The result: a radiance appearance enhancing and retaining women’s beauty despite the passage of time. Our brand respects and admires nature that is why we take care of the environment using renewable energies in our production process.