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Luxury Apartments Marhella & Jakov Makarska

fra Filipa Grabovca 1, Makarska, Croatia
Apartment & Condo Building




Our dear guests are new and old😃 It is time to see again and to give you the best we know how to keep you and every year in great memory! We would like to inform you that besides our existing 4 luxury apartments we will soon be offering another 2 luxury apartments nearby !!! ****Delux apartment 4 + 1 with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, spacious balcony and sea view, and ****Luxury apartments 2 + 2 apartment with 1 bedroom with balcony and sea view! Soon more ...🤔🔝😎🌞☂ We look forward to one of the most common and above all good seasons! Your Marhella💃🏼 Jakov 🏃🏻 and baby Frane 👼🏻

Dear Our Guests! Whatever you say is "super woman" 😎😅🔝👏🏻😍 I say "I was quite that" !!😂😂😂 Our luxury apartments with a terrace are closed until April 1, 2018!😱😐😱 But our sunny 🌞luxury two-seater apartments with a sea view 🏊🏻are open all year long!👏🏻👌🔝🌞 (01.11.2017..............!!! A little rest and for a few days your "super woman" is back with you!😎🤗🤓 You know the rules, the address is more familiar! Available for 24 hours for you, on Viber, Whats up, Messenger, Email, etc! Kiss of us😘 Marhella💃Jakov 🏃🏼and baby Frane👼🏻

Who is afraid of winter yet? 😂🤔😁

Women who know when to enjoy 🌞🌺🏊🏻😍 Perfect October 😊😍👌 Our dear guest from Finland 😀

And, the forecast says: the summer is not seen ending 👌🚣🏻🔝🌞🏊🏻👏🏻

For all our wonderful guests 💗👏🏻💜 With blessing they came 🙏🏻 and with blessing they went 🙏🏻☺️🤗😘

Who knows, knows! Who does not know, does not know! 😁enjoymen😁

Our dear guests 🤗know how to enjoy 🐟🦂🐟🍷🍽 today⛈⚡️⛈

Everyday we try to make our guests stay happier 😁 Today, home figs 🍈🍈🍈👌👏🏻

Dear guests! Forecast for today 🤔🤗🤔🤗 Mostly bright 🌞🌤🌞🌤 and of course pink 🎀 and violet ☂ Same as yesterday😜😍👌👏🏻

..we can not give us anything wind or rain, 😁under the lights of the sun I keep dancing 😜... lightly one, 😩two, 😩wake up, 😂get up! 😂The best fitness👏🏻👌🏻🔝🇭🇷😁

Happiness comes through a door that you do not even know are left open 🤗😍😘