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**Opening January 9th 2017***
A Home Physio service that focuses on key values of "Engage, Empower, Energise"
Falls Prevention, Orthopaedic, Aged Care.

Home Physiotherapy for Point Cook and surrounds (including Geelong)

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How your sleep patterns could be contributing to your back pain

With poor sleep the body creates an inflammatory response leading to higher sensitivity/pain. Regular waking up time is just as important as a regular going to bed time in creating routine for your circadian rhythm, sleep/wake cycle.

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To improve your sleep, it's helpful to learn about how sleep works and the factors that influence it. Within this link, you'll be able to access another link to read more on Circadian Rhythms (pictured below) which are important to understand in establishing good sleep habits.

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Why do we sleep? What happens when we don't?

I'm going to devote the next week to putting articles on my site regarding sleep; The third most crucial element for survival after water and food and one that impacts greatly on health. Without improved sleep, a lot of other interventions ( especially in persistent pain) can become ineffective.

Home | Sons of the West

Men's health: start 2017 season this week. Each Wed at Carranballac school on boardwalk. 7pm- 8:30pm. Great chance to improve physical and mental health. ALL FREE, just turn up! I'll be there most weeks to talk with anyone about Chronic Pain issues/barriers to exercise. Hope to see some of you there. If you are not in Point Cook area but in other Western Suburbs or Ballarat, please check out the link below to find locations of other classes. Make 2017 a year of positive change!

Home | Sons of the West

Men in the West: next week preseason starts for 13 venues in 7 councils. Get along and make a real difference to your physical and mental health. All free. Just turn up!

Pain Revolution

Here's a little of what we'll be doing on our ride to Adelaide.

Empathy overrated?

As someone who has always valued empathy highly within healthcare (and life) I found this an interesting read.

Mick Hughes: Physiotherapist & Exercise Physiologist

Great post on the increased soft tissue injury rate when increasing training load by more than 10% a week. (includes a handy way to track your training load using time of training and RPE. RPE is 'rate of perceived exertion' measured on scale of 0-10 where 10 is hardest)

Ouch! The drugs don't work for back pain, but here's what does

More good advice on back pain: the message is getting out there.

This is a great source of information on Pain and is now free for everyone to learn from.

Why Your Shoulder MRI Results May Not Be Important... - Regenexx®

It's not just back scans that need a healthy dose of reassurance when discussing results; shoulder and knee MRI's are just as poor at determining reasons for pain.

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There are a lot of things that can help in dealing with persistent pain. The interactions between body and mind, and you and the outside world. I love this picture!

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