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A full service law firm proudly serving the Greater Pittsburgh Area and Western Pennsylvania since 2015.  Plaintiff's Lawyer Barred from Defense's Medical ExamYikes this is a big deal. Neuropysch's are being used more and more on both sides. A big reason is that there is no standard on how they arrive at their results. One might say you have a really bad concussion another might say there was no concussion at all. With Plaintiff's lawyers being barred from an "independent" medical exam the bad guys have scored a big win. Why not get an attorney who scores big wins against the bad guys on a regular basis. Balance the playing field.Great primer on DUI's. If you've been charged with DUI/DWI you cannot afford to fool around. It is not just a glorified speeding ticket. The landscape, especially in Allegheny County, has changed considerably in the past few years. You need an attorney with the skills, knowledge and respect to get you through this tough time.Injured by a drunk? Is your attorney going the extra mile and suing the bar that served the drunk? Perhaps it is time you and your attorney had a chat. Perhaps it is time you upgraded your legal options to a new attorney.Remember, when you are being investigated, do not get an attorney when you are indicted. Get one the minute you learn you are in the crosshairs. You virtually guarantee a conviction if you wait too long.Very important development for DUI's. Interlocks are not cheap, all the more the reason to have a competent attorney defending you when you are charged with a DUI.An apartment boom also means a boom in evictions and landlord/tenant issues. Don't wait until an issue with an apartment becomes a problem.Why not take advantage of your next dreary Pittsburgh day and work on your estate plan with one of Pittsburgh's fastest growing firms.