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"Creative Ideas, Logical Solutions, & Custom Creations"
"Let's work together and do an honest job" Intelligence in the right hands can rekindle the faith we are in the process of losing in this world, in those we trust to help us with what we haven't yet learned to do ourselves, or don't have the means to do ourselves. Obviously, one of my main goals is to make a nice living at this, but at the same level it is my hope to achieve success for myself while maintaining a fully open and honest outlet of communication and superior effort to achieve the perfection I strive for everyday in order to help others.  Mutual growth, makes any transaction worthwhile - in material things, but more importantly, as human beings.
Turbo Velocity Micro Gaming System-GIGABYTE socket AM3 Motherboard
-AMD FX-6100 3.3ghz Six-Core Processor
-120GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD (Solid State Drive - The Ultimate Speed Upgrade to run your games and programs)
-1TB Western Digital Black Enterprise Edition 7200rpm Sata Hard Drive for TONS of storage
-8GB High Performance DDR3 RAM 1333mhz
-GTX 285 Gaming Graphics Video Card 1GB fast enhanced visuals for modern gaming
---VGA, DVI, HDMI compatible
---Was never overclocked (great condition)
-Brilliant BLUE LED Display Fan Controller/CPU/SYS Temp
-DVD/RW Burner
-300mbps Wireless-N USB Wifi Internet Adapter
-4 BLUE LED fans (2 in PSU, 1 in case front, 1 in case back)
-Front panel card reader

-Side USB/Audio
-Windows 7 Ultimate, fully updated, all drivers and codecs tested and ready to go
-Fully bundled software package for antivirus, video, music, system care, and more
-Custom themes and desktop organization/easy access storage includedSSD: SanDisk Extreme 120GB SSD
HDD: Western Digital 1.5TB Enterprise
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1866MHZ (2X4GB) Corsair Vengeance
APU: 4.3GHZ QUAD CORE Socket FM2 AMD A10-5800K
-320mbps Wireless-N Internet
-DVD Burner
-LED fans and strands
-LED light controller
-Dual-fan-cooled monster heatsink
-Plenty of space, ventilation and cable management
-Windows 7 Ultimate, with updates, no bloatware, and useful bundled software
---AVG, CCleaner, Office, RegCure Pro, Photoshop, VLC, WinAmp and a lot more
---All Flashplayer, Acrobat Reader, and necessary plug-ins installed and ready to roll
---Fully organized
---Fully optimized
---Fully customized-Kickass Asus Motherboard
-Q8400 2.66ghz Quad Core Intel Processor
-6gb RAM
-2TB Western Digital Sata 7200rpm Hard Drive
-GeForce GTX 460 1GB DDR5 Gaming Graphics card
-300mbps Wireless-N Wifi Adapter
-DVD-RW burner with lightscribe technology
-Completely modular 600 watt PSU
-3.5 Floppy A disk drive (ancient but works!) (nice for bios updating)
-Custom wiring management, convenience setup
-Windows 7 ultimate w/updates and large bundled software
-Completely customized desktop themes and organization