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Brunel Documentary MA

Brunel University, Uxbridge, United Kingdom


The Documentary Practice MA at Brunel is a modern and innovative course that draws on a dense network of organisations and individuals working in documentary today.  MeCCSA Video – Call for Tender
MECCSA is the professional association for the subjects of media, communications and cultural studies. This Association represents teachers, researchers, and students in its fields within UK Higher Education in over 80 institutions. It is looking to commission a short 4-5 minute video that will explain to potential students and parents what media studies is and why it is a worthwhile subject of study.
It is hoped that the video will counter stereotypes of media studies and enable potential students to understand better what their choices are in a diverse and multi-disciplinary field.
The video will need to:
•       Point to the wide range of careers that students enter into with a degree in media studies.
•       Address the range of degree programmes on offer from practice based, to theory to mixed programmes across a range of institutions.
•       It will need to stress that media studies covers the individual, organizational, social, political, economic and technological dimensions of the field.
The video will be distributed around schools and sixth forms as well as universities who can use it for their own recruitment purposes. It will sit on the MeCCSA youTube channel and should aim to have a decent life span (3-5 years). It should have a duration of 4-5 minutes.

A small budget of up to £10,000 is available
Please submit your proposals with detailed costings, on no more than 3 sides of A4, to Natalie Fenton ( by 5pm on the 20 May 2016.Lumumba, la mort du prophète + Q&A | Institut français du Royaume-UniFrom a short season of film by Haitain documentary filmmaker, Raoul Peck, this screening of Lumumba, death of a prophet followed by Q&A with Peck, is my recommendation. Albers, a graduate from the MA programme has got her 1 minute film into the Water Aids sH20rts film competitiion. The person with the most views wins the audience award. Please support Saskia by watching her1 min film here. Condition of the Working Class directed by Mike Wayne and Deirdre O'neill is now up on Tele Sur's English language website - you can watch it for free.!en/video/documentary-the-condition-of-the-working-class