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University of East Anglia Occupational Therapy

Queens Building, University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom


Home to the students of the BSc & MSc Occupational Therapy programmes at the University of East Anglia
Don't hesitate to contact us: Welcome to the UEA Occupational Therapy Society.

Occupational Therapists enable people to develop the skills they need for the job of living

Please promote this page to everyone you know, to boost the incredible work of our profession & how fabulous OT is at UEA. This will be a good place to get to know each other both BSc and MSc OT and/or other health care professionals with a shared interest. Share exciting and new information surrounding the profession and to keep up to date with all that is provided by UEA OT Society.


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Snapchat: ueaotsoc
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The 2016/17 Committee members are:

President: Lucy Telfer (3nd year BSc)

Vice President: Megan Thody (3rd year BSc)

Secretary: Esther Bliss (2nd year BSc)

Treasurer: Emily Williams (3nd year BSc)

Social Secretaries: John Glen (2nd year BSc) & Alice Gill (2nd year BSc)

Health & Safety: Lisa Brady (2nd year BSc)

Equality and Diversity Champion & Union Council Rep: Serafina Chan (2nd year BSc)

Publicity & Fundraising Officer: Gemma Walker (3rd year BSc)

We hope you enjoy being part of the Occupational Therapy page at UEA and can support us by attending the multiple events/talks/socials we will be holding throughout the year

Thank you! Out of sight out of mind - how to put AHPs at the forefront of the future of health and social careThe OT community is very close and we love to support each other and keeping with that spirit I would like to share with you an opportunity happening at the University of Essex⭐️⭐️⭐️
Essex OT Society are hosting Eastern Region COT's first student conference on Saturday November 26th between 10 and 4, at the University of Essex.
Special guests include:
Jennifer Creek, keynote speaker and author of many occupational therapy textbooks. Her work is currently focused on developing occupational therapy internationally.
Dr Pauline Cooper on using creative writing as therapy:
Vanessa Volpe (play and colour therapy), Lyndsey Barrett (Sports for Confidence),  Hayley Goodwin (Dogs in Therapy) and Kate Broughton.
The theme for the event is innovative occupational therapy settings, to get you thinking.  There will also be a number of stands with information / of interest within the Eastern Region to check out. The event is open to students and qualified professionals, giving you an excellent chance to meet up and network together. If you're on placement and your educator missed out on a place to hear Jennifer speak on Friday 25th November, this is another chance, so please spread the word and make plans.
Tickets for Students cost just £15 and include lunch. To get a ticket go onto Essex Societies site and sign up for a guest account,


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Here are the photos from last night, you looked fabulous! Get tagging!

Daniel Clegg Photography

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A HUGE thank you to everyone who came yesterday evening! It was incredible to see so many people there! Jennifer Creek delivered a fantastic talk around the history of our profession and how it has evolved alongside OT in emerging areas and left us all with something to think about. For those of you who provided your email address, you will receive your CPD certificate of attendance within the next few days! Many thanks again to Jennifer, students, lecturers and clinicians on behalf of UEA OT Society ⭐️⭐️

Photos from University of East Anglia Occupational Therapy's post

University of East Anglia Occupational Therapy's cover photo

University of East Anglia Occupational Therapy's cover photo

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