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2/F, 26A Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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MiNT - Instant Inspiration MiNT is derived from the word 'Mint Condition', referring to antiques in immaculately good and pristine condition. We tender customers all over the world with great selection of Polaroid camera & accessories and their refurbishment & and maintenance service. Established in 2009, we have been mapping an new era of instant photography through our continuous innovation, diligent research, and imaginative engineering, launching products like MiNT Flash Bar and SLR670 series - It is our goal, and commitment to bring instant photography to the next level.

2/F, 26A Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
香港 銅鑼灣 羅素街26A 2/F
Mon - Sun: 13:00 - 21:30

Workshop K, 11/F, High Win Factory Building, 47 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
香港 觀塘開源道47號 凱源工業大廈 11樓K室
Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 19:30
(Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays) Manual Magic - SLR670m with Time Machine
SLR670m with Time Machine allows you to adjust the shutter speed manually. It is a never-seen-before technology developed by MiNT. You can choose 16 different manual magic settings on the time machine. This is the only SX-70 with variable shutter control. Enjoy total control over your camera!
Time Machine
Time Machine has been specially designed to fit the SX-70 camera - weighing only 25g, the Time Machine fits perfectly on the camera with its sleek appearance. The gadget served to coalesce both scrupulous design into one connected whole.

Shutter speeds: 1/2000, 1/1000, 1/500, 1/250, 1/125,1/60,1/30, 1/15,1/8,1/4,1/2,1s
Long exposure: B-mode, T-mode
Extra modes: AUTO, OFF
* 3 year FREE warranty
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InstantFlex TL70 Camera by MiNT
Why we call it InstantFlex TL70?
We believe a timeless camera should be coupled with a timeless name. SX70 for instance, is the most recognized name in Polaroid's line of cameras up until today. As for “TL”, credits must go to Rolleiflex for designing such beautiful Twin Lens cameras. (And special thanks to Doc Florian Kaps for connecting everything together to make it TL70.) We can't wait to see you dive into this brand new page of instant photography with InstantFlex TL70.
MiNT尋找最好的設計師與工程師,由構思、設計、揀選零件,到改良、檢測、包裝...經過近30多個月的努力,於2015年推出InstantFlex TL70。當中“TL”(Twin Lens)代表雙鏡相機,以及極具象徵意義的即影即有機王SX-70中的“70”,合起來就成了這部屬於全球第一台雙鏡頭即影即有相機的名字﹣TL70。特別感謝Impossible Project創辦人Doc替我們把一切連結起來,賜予它這個名字。
#TL70  #InstantFlex
Films | B&W SX-70, 600 Film 2.0 Series
B&W 2.0, the fastest IMPOSSIBLE film!
In 20 seconds, see an image. In 5 minutes, enjoy a fully developed photo. The result of 2.0 films are strongly improved. Tones are accurate, contrast is rich and vivid, and the finish is clear and sharp.
B&W SX-70, White Frame 2.0:
B&W 600, White Frame 2.0:


Opening Hours

13:00 - 21:30
13:00 - 21:30
13:00 - 21:30
13:00 - 21:30
13:00 - 21:30
13:00 - 21:30
13:00 - 21:30



Say hi to TL70 users in Taiwan. Can't wait to see your selfie with TL70! #TL70 #InstantFlex


InstantFlex TL70 Camera by MiNT

#TL70 #InstantFlex   How does Stéphane think about TL70? “Here are the first pictures and reactions of the testing of my TL70. The camera is great to use and works well, specially indoor or in low light at f/5.6 or f/bokeh, as well as for close-up shots. ”   Camera: InstantFlex TL70 Film: Fujifilm instax mini Photographer: Stéphane -   Find more photos here » Grab yours for Christmas »

InstantFlex TL70 Camera by MiNT

InstantFlex TL70 二眼レフインスタントカメラ

#TL70 #InstantFlex   🍁🍁🍁 Photo taken by InstantFlex TL70 with f/22.

InstantFlex TL70 二眼レフインスタントカメラ

MiNT Media Coverage 媒體報導

Metropop | vol 475, 29 Oct 2015.   Did you grab one on MTR last Thursday? If you interested in the story behind our InstantFlex TL70, please don't miss this feature by Metropop.   「本土研發,首部雙鏡頭即影即有:談到攝影器材最大廠商,必想起Canon、Nikon或富士。最近竟然有一部新推出的即影即有相機是由本地班底製作,更揚言不是日本人、美國人才懂得製作攝影器材,香港人都可以!」   今期Metropop的《慢攝》專訪裡也一見我們MiNT推出的雙鏡機InstantFlex TL70的影縱,如果對TL70背後的故事或理念感興趣的朋友,不要錯過這篇報導:   #TL70 #InstantFlex

MiNT Media Coverage 媒體報導

Impossible HQ

#Instant_Inspiration Boost your autumn 🍁 🍂

Impossible HQ

Mint Flash Bar 2 - For use with Polaroid ™ SX-70 cameras

#MintFlashBar2   Your company for the night   Mint Flash Bar 2 is a re-usable high quality electronic flash bar device for all Polaroid™ folding and box-type SX-70 cameras and optimized for use with Impossible Film. The special ND-compensation mode allows for usage of film for 600 type cameras. Two extra color filters enable you to experiment with tinted light when shooting at low light conditions. The new 2.5mm audio jack allows for easy syncing of additional, external flash units. Simply attach it to your cameras’ flash-socket and take brilliant and perfectly illuminated Impossible photos in all light situations. Grab yours now:   Sample shots by Phil V

Mint Flash Bar 2  - For use with Polaroid ™ SX-70 cameras


Back in stock now! Only few packs left.


Mint Lens Set - For use with Polaroid SX-70 cameras

#MintLensSet ; Butterfly effect   Why you need a close-up lens for your Polaroid SX-70?   Normally your SX-70 camera can only focus to 25.4cm. With close up lens, you can get as close as 12cm. The close up lens is great for head and torso shots with your Polaroid SX-70 camera. This close up lens will bring you to proximity with your subject, opening up a macro world. With close up, you can move back, zoom in, and shoot. You can get a marvelous depth of field effect using this simple technique.   Film: Color 600, White Frame Camera: SLR670α | Lens: Close up lens (Mint Lens Set) | Photographer: Ming Chan

Mint Lens Set - For use with Polaroid SX-70 cameras

Manual Magic - SLR670m with Time Machine

#SLR670m   Thanks for the user review and awesome sample shots with SLR670m by Kim Smith Miller. Check it out if you're also interested in SLR670 series and wondering which camera is suitable for you!   Read more »

Manual Magic - SLR670m with Time Machine

Campaigns | Impossible Battery Recycle Program 電盒回收計劃

Battery Recycle Program    Winner of September 2015 Thank you immensely for the warmest support and participation to Battery Recycle Program! Every lucky star will be rewarded a free pack of Impossible Project film. This is an on-going project, feel free to bring your Impossible cartridges to MiNT. Join now»    恭喜九月的幸運兒,帶走了他最常拍的Color 70, White Frame。想成為下一位幸運兒?快來參加我們的《 相紙大抽獎 》!MiNT 現回收相紙電盒,一個電盒可換一張抽獎紙,帶來愈多電盒,中獎機會愈大。每月一號我們會抽出幸運兒,幸運兒可於店內任選一盒Impossible相紙,快點直接把家裡沒用的電盒送來吧!

Campaigns |  Impossible Battery Recycle Program 電盒回收計劃

Films | Impossible Round Frame Film Series ○○

○○ Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival on the moon! ○ ○   圓月精選:三款獨特的圓形系相紙,除了讓人大家聯想起中秋的滿月,也彷似有團團圓圓的意味,加上分別備有白框、黑框和彩框,配合藥水的化學作用和高對比飽和度,頓添幾分神秘感。Impossible在繼承寶麗來方格設計的同時繼續著創新之路,快來大膽一試。   *Color 600, Round White Frame: *Color 600, Round Black Frame: *Color 600, Round Color Frame: WE SHIP WORLDWIDE   (Photo from Impossible Project)

Films | Impossible Round Frame Film Series ○○

Mint Lens Set - For use with Polaroid SX-70 cameras

#MintLensSet   Lost in a big world.    Camera: SLR670 Lens: Blue filter from MiNT Lens Set Film: Color 600, Black Frame Photographer: Ming Chan   Blue filter can correct excessive reddish cast when using daylight film with photo-flood lamps. lt works fabulously with Color Film for SX-70 or 600-type cameras. The colors are completely mesmerizing! Read more:

Mint Lens Set - For use with Polaroid SX-70 cameras



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Bonjour💕 寶麗萊布袋遇上寶麗萊專門店📷 @ 銅鑼灣羅素街26A 2/F ~ 之前市集都遇過一些對古董相機 有興趣既客人朋友們💕 其實Koyi就係Mint既小員工 有興趣可以上黎感受下SX70 順便帶埋我d袋走💕🌞🌞🌞 袋圖有幾款:::::::::: SX70/ Packfilm /closeup 636 Spectra/ Highlander 80A/ StepOne 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 61380012 / 94599228 ☎️ Design and print~



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