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Let's build cohesion together

Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France
Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)


Let's build cohesion is a positive platform of inspiring examples of inclusive actions The Committee on Democracy, Social Cohesion and Global Challenges gathering more than 200 international NGOs strongly support  the means to relay solidarity movement and actions sprung from civil society, facing threats on democracy and human rights, values that bring together all members of the Council of Europe

The committee urges  NGOs, and their own partners, to answer this strong need for openness and inclusiveness,

This page aims at
- contributing to building a more fraternal Europe
- answering violence acts  propagated by media and foster dialogue and mutual aid capabilities in our democracies  and partner countries
-  Offset  mistrust and aggression disseminated on social networks by benevolent speeches and positive examples
Reaching out to young people, among which several millions in Europe have lost hope to integrate the active life of their countries, regardless of their ethnic, cultural or social background, so as to help them find a useful place, "their" place in our society.
- Fight against racism, sexism and agism