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59 Kirby Street, Suite 1, Rydalmere, Australia
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Upholstery services, specialized in removal of dustmites and allergens
mattress & bedding - blinds & curtains + all carpets and rugs Highlights
99.99% removal of dustmite , skin dander, germs, bacteria & viruses, most importantly dust mite fecal dropping.

recommended for dust mite allergy, allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis & atopic eczema

improve & refreshes your mattress to enhance sleep quality, better health, improve bedroom's hygiene level for newborns, infants and babies including you and your love ones.

chemical free and ego friendly treatment method that has been use in 47 countries world wide.

no waiting time to reuse your mattresses.

Thorough cleaning using professional equipment imported from Italy , which has 64 certification all over the world

99.99% guaranteed on dust mite & bacteria capturing ability, which is kept within our equipment that does not disburse back to the air
usable for all mattress sizes.

Top to bottom cleaning and sanitising for mattresses and pillows

Eliminate allergy-causing dust mites, dust and mold

Clinically developed, scientific and professional application

Suitable for mattresses of all sizes

Ideal for urbanites with busy schedules

Helps contribute to a cleaner environment

Cleaning of other item like carpets, sofa and other upholstery items also available

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